pergola on a backyard wooden deck

The word “pergola” came down to us from the late Latin “pergula,” and to Spanish as “la pérgola,” and all three refer to the same thing. A pergola was a great thing in Roman times and is today, too. Useful, versatile, economical, sturdy, and when adequately styled and accessorized, very easy on the eyes. The essentials … Read more


broad wooden backyard deck overlooking a sunny city

A place apart from the frantic world, out of doors but sheltering. Secluded, though not barricaded. Comforting and comfortable.  A tract of peace, away from it all. An oasis. The word and the idea come down to us from the caravan trade routes through the vast deserts of Arabia and the Sahara, but homeowners in … Read more


clean modern bathroom with two sinks and glass walled shower

Bathrooms are the most purely functional spaces in a home, rooms where business is taken care of, and that’s pretty much it. Above all else, bathrooms and everything in them have to work. That said, we do spend between 2 and 3 years of our lives, all told, in the bathroom, so the desire for … Read more


modern barbecue grill set in a wood and stone counter

A couple of years ago the Los Angeles Times reported on outdoor kitchens as trend gaining traction here in SoCal, spotlighting the high-end projects being ordered by our town’s rich and fabulous. The article noted that innovations in materials and design had paved the way for sophisticated installations offering the kind of luxury and convenience … Read more

3D Modeling and Rendering in LA

One of the all-time great trickle-downs from the space program is the availability of 3D modeling for everyone. Like everything related to computers, it started as a super-expensive software program supported by computers that filled rooms, but now is an affordable app that runs on personal computers and even on mobile devices. Simply put, 3D … Read more


bright airy modern dining room with large sliding glass doors

First of all comes the decision to redo the floor. Is replacement really needed to restore the surface under your feet to a condition that pleases you? If the issue is a health hazard like asbestos, it’s a pretty compelling reason to strip and redo. Structural damage or decay that poses safety hazards close the … Read more