up on the roof deck

Los Angeles County is big. In fact, it’s four times the area of the entire State of Rhode Island. Nonetheless, anyone familiar with our area knows that land here does not grow on trees. We are, after all, over 10 million residents.  Land is scarce. It’s most definitely expensive. Hence, we’ve learned to get the … Read more


second story deck under construction

Sometimes adding a deck to the second story of a home is just the right thing to do. There are, to be sure, a few compelling reasons for this step. For example, houses built on steep slopes. Second story decks, in fact , are sometimes the only possible decks. Moreover, even when a property’s layout … Read more


wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

We’ve posted a lot of material about decks. Designing, building, extending, and remodeling them. Furthermore, we’ve discussed the merits of various building materials. In brief; there’s very little ground we haven’t covered in our posts. We’ve probably noted the obvious fact that accessibility is a key design criterion. French doors come to mind. After all, … Read more


finished deck extended into comfortable backyard

There are two ways a homeowner ends up with a deck that’s not spacious enough. One is by purchasing a home with an existing deck.  The buyer may even know up front the deck’s too small, but likes the house.   Then, there are the homeowners who  add decks to their homes. Life, of course, is … Read more


investing in yourself economics chart

As we noted in a post last year,  the addition of a deck to a home bodes well for the property’s resale value.  Estimates of Return On Investment for adding a deck  are in the 65%-80% range, nationally.  Since the use value of a deck is partly a function of climate, we’re on the high … Read more


wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

A great many clients of ours lead very active, full lives. Two-paycheck households, career ambitions, children, civic involvement and so forth. Leisure hours (such as may be!) are, therefore, for leisure. Some people consider dabbling in home improvement projects leisure. A hobby. In our experience, however, most homeowners shopping at  Home Depot are motivated by … Read more


sunny and warm wooden deck

In Part One of this discussion of deck remodeling we looked at the “why” and the “how” of these projects. We noted that restoration and repair of worn or broken deck elements are often what turns a homeowner’s thoughts to remodeling. A deck, after all, is a part of the home. Hence, we shouldn’t neglect … Read more


sunny and warm wooden deck

Decks are fair game for remodeling projects, like any element of a home or yard. Time passes, the sun and rain take their toll. So does use. Even when a deck is in perfect condition, homeowners can’t help thinking of improvements and upgrades. We all love our homes, of course,  and want them at their … Read more


wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

Hot tub! Southern California. What’s one without the other? Each whispers the other’s name. It’s a match made wherever perfect matches are made. After all, we get an average only 36 rainy days in a year. Temperatures are mild. Outdoor living is our way of life. And manners are casual. Decks and hot tubs, California … Read more

Multi-Level Decks in LA

wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

As Los Angeles area deck builders, we’re seeing more and more clients who want to take it to the next level.  Our designers are totally into it.  Multi-level decks very neatly address three kinds of practical matters.  One, adaptation to sloping or hilly lots. Secondly, increasing floor space with the same footprint. Finally, enhancing the … Read more