Shade for Decks: Retractable, Portable, and Canopy Awnings

Adding shade to your deck can extend its life and make it useable even in harsh summers or the rainy season. A quality shade will protect the deck from rain, sun, hail, and other weather elements. It also brings more class and aesthetics to your outdoor space.

When it comes to shade for decks, you have virtually endless options. Awnings are a popular way of adding shade to a deck, and you have plenty of options in this area as well. Here’s a look at some popular types of awnings that can be used as a shade for decks.

Canopy Awning

A canopy awning is typically used on patios, but it looks equally awesome as a shade for decks. This type of awning is typically permanent and bolted directly to your deck. It adds shade and aesthetic value to your deck building project. Depending on the materials you use, the canopy awning can last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Although the frame is permanent, you can remove the fabric of the canopy when you feel like it. Most types of fabrics used in a canopy awning can withstand rain, hail, and sun very effectively. A slight downside to this option is that the fixed awning doesn’t let in the sun as conveniently as a retractable awning does.

Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are one of the most popular options when it comes to shade for decks. This particular type of awning has a metal frame on which a durable fabric is installed to offer shade. The metal frame is easily adjustable, either manually or through an automatic mechanism such as a remote control. The great thing about a retractable awning is that it doesn’t require a permanent supporting structure, so it takes little space on your deck. Once folded, the awning is automatically stored, taking up minimal space. A slight downside to retractable awnings is that they usually extend for a maximum of 10 feet, which may not be enough for many larger decks.

Portable Canopy

A portable canopy is another type of shade for decks. This particular variety of shade is less commonly used on decks, although it offers a lot of conveniences. As the name suggests, a portable canopy is as simple as four posts and a tent-like canopy on top. Such a canopy is light-weight so you can install or remove it with unmatched ease. A portable canopy offers great shade although it may not be perfect as a rain cover. Still, this type of canopy offers the most cost-effective shade for decks.

Adding Shade For Decks

Ultimately, the right type of shade for your deck depends on your requirements, budget, deck size, and other considerations. Make sure you weigh your options before making the final choice. The right shade should be the one that fits your deck, and its aesthetics offers good shade, is easy to use and store, and doesn’t obstruct your outdoor space. Contact MG Construction & Decks to find out your options for deck shading.

If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your property, your planning should take into account ROI variables. Materials, size, access, and the “wow factor” all contribute to a prospective buyer’s perception of the value added by a deck to the property. It’s worth becoming familiar with deck construction in the comparable properties in your area so you can position yours where you want to be value-wise. Another value relationship to consider is that between your deck budget and the overall value of the property. It doesn’t make ROI dollars and sense to build something too grand for the size and likely resale price of the home. One rule of thumb used by contractors and architects is that a deck should be no larger than the home’s biggest interior space. 

Keep in mind, too, that adding value to your home gets the attention of the assessor and the underwriter, so your property taxes and insurance premiums are like to be increased. Like anything else built by human beings, a deck will inevitably require some maintenance and/or repair as time goes by. Good choices of materials, with expert design and construction, are the ticket to keeping those costs down and your enjoyment and ROI up.