Cumaru Decking

A Southern California deck constructed of Cumaru wood, which surrounds a pool and includes wooden steps.

As homeowners increasingly seek durable and visually appealing materials for their outdoor spaces, Cumaru is rising to the forefront of preferred deck-building choices. Known for its exceptional hardness and stunning natural color variations, Cumaru offers a blend of beauty and resilience unmatched by many other materials.  Table of Contents What is Cumaru? Overview of Cumaru … Read more

Covered Deck Plans

A wooden deck, partially covered. Furniture under the cover, which leads to an infinity pool in SoCal

As a seasoned deck builder in the sunny expanse of Southern California, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a well-designed covered deck can transform outdoor living spaces. Crafting covered deck plans that harmonize with our unique climate and lifestyle has become my specialty, ensuring each project delivers not just shade and shelter but also style and substance. … Read more

Patio Furniture Trends for 2024

An outdoor wooden deck in Southern California, blue skies and plants in the background. Wooden furniture with white upholstery, white umbrella for shade

As we step into 2024, the latest patio furniture trends are capturing the imagination of homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. At MG Construction & Decks, our passion for creating inviting outdoor spaces drives us to stay ahead of these evolving styles and preferences. Join me as I share insights from our journey in transforming patios … Read more

The Best Deck Materials for Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space


Creating your perfect outdoor space is more than choosing the right furniture—it’s also about finding the right deck materials. Whether you’re looking to build a new deck or give your existing one a facelift, you have many options when it comes to materials. But how do you know which ones are best for your needs? … Read more

Caring For Your Wooden Deck After A Summer Storm

wooden deck

A deck isn’t something you just set up and forget. Like other parts of your house, your deck will need maintenance. Since these outdoor fixtures are under the mercy of the weather, summer storms can give them quite a battering. That’s why ensuring that you take care of your wooden deck after summer storms is … Read more

Building The Best Deck In Los Angeles

The back deck is one of the most underrated areas of any home. It’s where families can gather for evening meals. They relax on beautiful sunny days. And they create an aesthetically pleasing addition to the back of your house. With a great Los Angeles deck builder, you could be well on your way to … Read more