Deck Remodeling Ideas for the Summer

Deck Remodeling

If you are tired of the look of your deck, it is time for a renovation project. Deck remodeling can be used to give your deck a makeover while also adding to its utility, aesthetics and practical use. Summer is the perfect time of the year to undertake a deck remodeling project, especially in the … Read more

4 Deck Remodeling Projects for This Year

Deck Remodeling

​The year is just warming up as the winter season draws to an end. If you have been considering deck remodeling, now is the perfect time of the year. With a few simple projects, you can give your deck an all-new look, enhance its utility and add to its aesthetic value. Here are a few … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Cover Your Deck?

looking up at a striped deck awning

If you have an outdoor deck, adding a deck covering can increase the lifespan while reducing maintenance needs. Deck coverings help protect the deck surface from direct sunlight, rain, snow and other weather elements. They also enable you to enjoy a great outdoor time on your deck without caring about the weather or the time … Read more

How to Install Timbertech Decks on Existing Decks

man installing timbertech deck planks

If you have an existing wooden deck but now have a liking for Timbertech decks, a full replacement can be a costly affair. You will need to have the entire structure of the deck removed which will involve a considerable effort and labor costs. On average, taking down a deck will cost you somewhere between … Read more

How Timbertech Decks Are Changing Modern Homes?

cafe table with four chairs on wooden deck

Wooden decks have traditionally been used at homes for a variety of reasons. They can be used to complement a garden’s landscap. They add an elevated space at a home. Or they are simply a perfect way of adding an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space on your property. Wood has been the go-to material of choice in … Read more

Why You Should Cover Your Decks

deck beneath a shady pergola in grassy backyard

Building a deck at your home is an excellent way of adding value to your property. In most cases, a deck will recover 70% to 100% of its original value when you sell your home. This means that the deck will mostly pay for itself while letting you add an awesome space at your home. … Read more

Are Timbertech Decks Better Than Wood Decks?

sweeping view of hills from a timbertech deck

A wooden deck is an excellent addition to your home. You can have it installed at a spot which gives you a good view of the outdoors. Alternatively, you can also choose an indoor deck if there are space constraints at your property. Conventionally, natural wood had been used for decking purposes since ever. More … Read more


up on the roof deck

Los Angeles County is big. In fact, it’s four times the area of the entire State of Rhode Island. Nonetheless, anyone familiar with our area knows that land here does not grow on trees. We are, after all, over 10 million residents.  Land is scarce. It’s most definitely expensive. Hence, we’ve learned to get the … Read more


investing in yourself economics chart

As we noted in a post last year,  the addition of a deck to a home bodes well for the property’s resale value.  Estimates of Return On Investment for adding a deck  are in the 65%-80% range, nationally.  Since the use value of a deck is partly a function of climate, we’re on the high … Read more