Interior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling

Create A New Living Space

MG Construction & Decks was founded from a desire to create spaces that make clients feel like they’re living in their dream home. We believe that within every house is a high-end, warm and welcoming home. Our clients are able to add value to their residential and commercial properties with our innovative and high-quality renovations. They can walk away from their remodel feeling like they’ve got a brand-new property on their hands. 

Our Focus Is The Client

A remodel is all about functionality and aesthetics. Both of those factors are heavily influenced by how the client hopes to use their space. Many companies think that they know what’s best for the client. We think you know what’s best for your home, because you’re the one living in it. This is why listening is a key factor in our process. 

With a client-first model, we create spaces that incorporate the needs of each client. We focus on increasing storage space, creating social spaces for hosting, and making rooms feel larger and lighter. Our teams translate your needs and wants as the client into a reality.

So Why Remodel With MG Construction & Decks?

One of the largest misconceptions about interior renovations is that they are too costly. If you are on the fence about a renovation due to the cost, think instead in terms of profitability. Remodeling with us means adding value to your property. Whether you hope to sell or convert an outdated home into a modern masterpiece, a solid remodel can make your home more appealing. 

A remodel can change the way you live.  By updating old features, your home will feel fresher, newer, and more comfortable for hosting friends and family. Our team works to complete each project by focusing on communication and timelines.

Start On Your High-End Interior Today

At MG Construction & Decks, we are always happy to take on new clients for interior home renovation projects. Interested potential customers can reach out on our website to learn more about how we  can transform a living space into a high-value, beautiful, and practical home. We help from permitting to construction. 

Call us today to get started with an initial quote for your property remodel. We’re happy to discuss your project in detail and help bring your vision to life.

Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions are one of the best investments today in Southern California. If you are looking for an extra income by converting your garage to a rental property or simply looking for more space in your existing home, converting your garage into a livable space can be a great investment. 

We help from plans and permitting to construction. We can build out your existing garage into an amazing living space.

Whether you want to go piece by piece or do a full home remodel, our team of talented and friendly designers can get the job done. A kitchen renovation can look great with new countertops and a high-end flooring upgrade. Meanwhile, an open concept floor plan can make your home feel much larger and warmer. Turn your house into your dream home with any of our services. 

Elegant and functional kitchens installed by an experienced team
Stylish and comfortable kitchens that perfectly fit your home
Spa-like bathrooms to perfectly fit your lifestyle
Interior remodeling that gives your home new beauty and function

If you are interested in meeting with MG Construction & Decks for a consultation regarding an interior project or garage conversion. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to set up an on-site meeting.