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MG Construction & Decks is a leader in commercial building projects and commercial decks. 

With years of experience as a commercial contracting company, we can create thoughtful designs that help you steer clear of expensive pitfalls. Our main priority is to optimize your return on investment and enhance the practicality of your space. 

Communication is essential for commercial projects. At MG Construction & Decks, our team of skilled collaborators handles projects with complete clarity and transparency, from start to finish. 

We keep our clients informed throughout all the stages of commercial construction. From project planning to estimates, permits, and quality control, you can expect us to execute all aspects of the commercial build with precision and professionalism. 

Commercial Decks, Patio Covers, and Pergolas 

Outdoor areas for many commercial businesses help to add extended space. They also can enhance the overall curb appeal of the company. 

As specialists in outdoor spaces and decks, we can create custom decks, patios, and pergolas for your business. Whether you need a restaurant patio or a pergola for your wedding and event venue, our builders can deliver high-quality craftsmanship, guaranteed. 

When you select MG Construction and Decks, you’ll see the difference we can make with our exterior renovations. 

Office Build-Outs 

A well-designed office can motivate you to set goals and optimize your workflow. We understand the importance of having a work environment that feels comfortable and sensible for your business and team. 

In addition to offering full-scale build-outs, we can also provide minor renovations and repairs. 

Retail Spaces 

In the retail industry, the layout and ambiance of a store are essential to that store’s success and the success of the brand. 

We offer a wide range of retail project types, including buildups, storefronts, remodels, rebranding, sustainability, and more. 

Choose MG Construction & Decks to oversee the construction of your retail space because we prioritize efficiency, functionality, and design. 


When we execute restaurant renovations, we carefully plan every detail to maximize space and create a layout that works well for both customers and the staff. 

Projects like this are when psychology and construction go hand in hand. At MG Construction & Decks, we pride ourselves on being thoughtful builders who understand the needs and preferences of consumers. 

Our restaurant renovations create comfortable dining areas for guests while also allowing employees to navigate the workplace efficiently. 

Event Spaces 

Event spaces need to accommodate lots of people. They also need to include features that allow the venue owner to rent out the space to a wide variety of vendors and clients. 

Event spaces need extra bathrooms, parking, and catering areas. Without these essential features, people aren’t likely to host in your event space. 

Contact our team at MG Construction & Decks to learn more about our event space services. 

Apartment Building Renovations 

If you are a landlord, you want to ensure that the apartment complex you manage is in pristine condition. Moreover, you want to offer desirable features to potential residents. 

We provide a wide array of services for apartment building renovations and tenant/leasehold improvements. We also offer renovation for multifamily structures. 

If your apartment building is due for a remodel, contact MG Construction & Decks to learn more about our apartment building renovation services. 

ADA Compliant Bathrooms & Entryways 

ADA compliance is essential for any business. Ensuring that your building accommodates older adults or people with disabilities positions you as an inclusive brand. 

Creating an ADA compliant bathroom means installing features like grab bars and low sinks/mirrors. Ramps and railings must be at entryways and exits to meet ADA requirements. 

Our team is well-versed in ADA compliance regulations. We can create a space that meets those requirements without compromising on design quality. 

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MG Construction & Decks is one of the top contracting companies in Los Angeles. Through years of experience in this industry, we have amassed a skilled team of craftsmen and critical thinkers. 

Our experts create commercial builds that enhance the possibilities of the space and the success of the client’s business. Don’t let your commercial space fall short because of a lousy renovation. Contact us today to create the space you’re imagining. 

When we take on any commercial projects, we do everything we can to streamline our workflow. We set and abide by strict deadlines, communicate with our clients, and pay close attention to regulatory standards. 

We are confident that you will be satisfied with your space if you choose to work with us. We value your business; the quality of our work reflects that. 

During every phase of construction, we will provide frequent updates so that you can make design changes if need be. We use our resources and expertise to configure a charming commercial space that draws in guests.

Contact a representative of our team today if you want to learn more about our commercial building services or if you want to receive a free estimate.

MG Construction & Decks Offers:

  • Commercial Decks
  • Commercial Patio Covers and Pergolas
  • Retail Spaces
  • Apartment Building Renovations
  • ADA Compliant Bathrooms
  • ADA Compliant entryways (ramps, railings etc.)
  • Office Buildout and Renovation
  • Restaurants
  • Event Spaces
  • Tenant / Leasehold Improvements
  • Multifamily Renovation

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Absolutely pleased with MG Construction. We had to do repairs to our house due to a fire, as well as renovate parts of our outdoor space. Work included replacing an entire wall, replacing floors, putting new insulation in the attic, tile work, and lots of wood work outdoors.

Raffaele C.


MG construction is the best! They are so friendly and efficient in their work. I could not be more pleased and will definitely work with them again in the future. This project came out fantastic.

Valerie B.


Michael was great, he is a true professional. My deck is gorgeous, I got so many compliments from my friends about it. He was on time, always available to me and a joy to work with. My next project with them is in the making!

Natalia R.

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