Los Angeles County is big. In fact, it’s four times the area of the entire State of Rhode Island. Nonetheless, anyone familiar with our area knows that land here does not grow on trees. We are, after all, over 10 million residents.  Land is scarce. It’s most definitely expensive. Hence, we’ve learned to get the most out of every square foot. This leads both homeowners and multi-family landlords to roof decks.


The  Los Angeles Times noted the growing trend toward rooftop decks in downtown Los Angeles. Roof decks have been a popular amenity for years in other cities. Los Angeles lagged due to our fire and building codes. These, however, have been loosening up. Meanwhile, we’ve seen growing demand for housing near the career opportunities in city centers. This has attracted renewed interest in living there. Many of these “settlers” are young professionals. This demographic, of course, is high-income, busy, and social. It requires amenities. Hence, a downtown apartment building with an attractive rooftop deck commands top dollar in the rental and condo markets. Commercial real estate interests are zeroing in on the value added by roof decks.


Multi-family housing away from city centers is also a solution for growing numbers of families. Los Angeles, in fact, is the nation’s leading market in multi-family housing, followed by Dallas and Manhattan. The economic forces are relentless. Scarce land, growing population, and soaring prices for single-family homes. These consumers may not have the incomes and luxury orientation of the new wave downtown dwellers, true. Nevertheless, they are sensitive to quality of life. A roof deck on a small or moderate-size multi-family building serves as a shared backyard and private park. Thus, It meets families’ needs for recreation with convenience, community, and security.

Finally, there’s growing demand for roof deck additions by single-family homeowners.  The Los Angeles Times said it perfectly. For many area homeowners the only way to add square feet of living space is by going up. Adding a second story to a home? Why, then, not top it off with a roof deck?


All this is music to an experienced Los Angeles deck builder’s ears. Roof deck projects have their unique technical issues and design opportunities. It gets the MG Construction & Decks’ designers’ creative juices flowing. We invite developers, landlords, investors, and homeowners alike to challenge us to develop roof deck projects that sing.

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