4 Deck Remodeling Projects for This Year

Deck Remodeling

​The year is just warming up as the winter season draws to an end. If you have been considering deck remodeling, now is the perfect time of the year. With a few simple projects, you can give your deck an all-new look, enhance its utility and add to its aesthetic value. Here are a few … Read more

How to Clean Timbertech Decks?

power washing timbertech deck planks

Composite decking materials like Timbertech decking offer a variety of benefits over conventional wooden decks. The most notable among these is that composite decks are incredibly low-maintenance. This means that it requires very little effort on your part to keep these Timbertech decks looking clean year after year. However, occasional stains caused by everyday spills … Read more

What do Timbertech Decking Cost in 2020?

timbertech deck planks

Timbertech decking has rapidly gained in popularity over the past few years. This is largely due to the wide range of benefits that Timbertech decks offer over real wood decks. Timbertech composite materials bring an unparalleled aesthetic and feel to your deck space. You also have a huge range of options to choose from and … Read more

5 Creative Ideas: Shade for Decks Options You Need at Your Home

closeup of a blue and white deck shade

If you have a deck, you can add a lot of utility and excitement to it with a shade. A shade allows you to spend more time on your deck. It also allows you to enjoy quality time outside throughout the year. With more durable shade options, you can get on your deck even during … Read more

How to Install Timbertech Decks on Existing Decks

man installing timbertech deck planks

If you have an existing wooden deck but now have a liking for Timbertech decks, a full replacement can be a costly affair. You will need to have the entire structure of the deck removed which will involve a considerable effort and labor costs. On average, taking down a deck will cost you somewhere between … Read more

How to Create a Creative Shade for Decks

outdoor seating beneath umbrellas

An outdoor deck is a perfect spot to enjoy some quality time. However, if your deck has no covering or shade, it may not be the best of places in hot summer or rainy winter months. This can be remedied by using a shade for decks. Deck shades come in different shapes, sizes and types. … Read more

How Timbertech Decks Are Changing Modern Homes?

cafe table with four chairs on wooden deck

Wooden decks have traditionally been used at homes for a variety of reasons. They can be used to complement a garden’s landscap. They add an elevated space at a home. Or they are simply a perfect way of adding an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space on your property. Wood has been the go-to material of choice in … Read more

Why Consider Adding A Cover During Deck Makeovers?

hillside city across the lake seen from beneath deck covering

Decks are a great way of adding an elegant space to your home where you can have a great time. When positioned right, they also offer a great outdoor view. That being said, decks need ongoing maintenance and attention on your part. When cared for, a deck may last as much as 20 to 30 … Read more

4 Things to Consider When Planning Deck Remodeling

tape measure on a wooden deck

A quick and easy way to achieve an all-new look for your home is to remodel your deck. Deck remodeling comes with plenty of options and freedom. You can add new components, re-finish or replace older components and even perk up the deck with new accessories like pots and plants. However, many homeowners go headlong … Read more

Installation Tips for Timbertech Decks

timbertech deck perfectly fitting the back of a home

Over the last few years, composite wooden decks have grown increasingly popular. This is because such decks offer an overwhelming range of advantages when compared to traditional wooden decks. Timbertech decks, for instance, look exactly like real wood except that they don’t rot, require little to no maintenance, and offer excellent longevity. These decks may … Read more