5 Reasons Shade Sails Offers Excellent Shade for Decks

If you are considering a shade for decks, you have plenty of creative options to choose from. A shade sail, in particular, is a very unique and stand-out shading option. Not only does it come with a number of features and benefits. But it also has a cool and groovy touch to it. This makes it a great choice if you want to cover your deck in style. Here are five reasons why you should consider using a shade sail on your deck.

Endless Options for Shade for Decks

Shade sails come in a huge range of designs, textures, colors and sizes. With so much choice, you are sure to find a type of shade sail that goes with the décor and dimensions of your deck. You can do your own market research and find the right option. Alternatively, you can work with a vendor to have a custom design and size developed. This can be specifically for your deck.

UV-Resistant Shade

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful for humans. Many modern covering and roofing materials come with UV-resistant coatings to filter out these rays. Most shade sails are UV stabilized. This means that not only will they filter out UV rays, but they will also withstand the related wear-and-tear quite well. They also won’t show any signs of deterioration. As a shade for decks, a good shade sail will easily last upwards of ten years without losing its outlook and appeal.

Affordable Shade for Decks Options

Compared to most other materials typically used as shade for decks, shade sails are more affordable. Especially when compared to roof extensions, gazebos and pergolas. Shade sails not only cost less in material costs, but also come with incredibly low installation costs. In fact, it is quite easy to set up a shade sail on your own so that you can do away with installation expenses altogether.

Flexible Materials

Shade sails are typically manufactured from a flexible fabric. While that in itself is a useful feature, shade sails can also be creatively used as a shade for decks. You can even use multiple pieces to create a kind of enclosure.

Breathable Fabrics

Most of the varieties of shade sails are breathable. This means that they will let air through, allowing you to enjoy a cool and breezy shade in the summers. Shade sails also typically let water through which prevents it from gathering up on the fabric and causing it to sag.

As a shade for decks, shade sails offer a certain degree of aesthetic appeal in addition to the range of benefits highlighted above. With some effort, you can set up a shade sail on your deck without any help. However, if you feel unable to handle it, you can always hire a good interior and exterior renovation company to take care of the job.

If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your property, your planning should take into account ROI variables. Materials, size, access, and the “wow factor” all contribute to a prospective buyer’s perception of the value added by a deck to the property. It’s worth becoming familiar with deck construction in the comparable properties in your area so you can position yours where you want to be value-wise. Another value relationship to consider is that between your deck budget and the overall value of the property. It doesn’t make ROI dollars and sense to build something too grand for the size and likely resale price of the home. One rule of thumb used by contractors and architects is that a deck should be no larger than the home’s biggest interior space. 

Keep in mind, too, that adding value to your home gets the attention of the assessor and the underwriter, so your property taxes and insurance premiums are like to be increased. Like anything else built by human beings, a deck will inevitably require some maintenance and/or repair as time goes by. Good choices of materials, with expert design and construction, are the ticket to keeping those costs down and your enjoyment and ROI up.