investing in yourself economics chart

As we noted in a post last year,  the addition of a deck to a home bodes well for the property’s resale value.  Estimates of Return On Investment for adding a deck  are in the 65%-80% range, nationally.  Since the use value of a deck is partly a function of climate, we’re on the high … Read more


wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

Hot tub! Southern California. What’s one without the other? Each whispers the other’s name. It’s a match made wherever perfect matches are made. After all, we get an average only 36 rainy days in a year. Temperatures are mild. Outdoor living is our way of life. And manners are casual. Decks and hot tubs, California … Read more


large wooden deck beneath palm trees

Choosing deck materials is a very personal matter. Hence, there’s no “best material” that’s best for all clients. Each material has it’s unique properties. It’s own set of trade-offs. By analogy, a new Korean compact SUV is the best choice for one driver, a temperamental restored 1946 British sports car for another.  After all, people … Read more


broad wooden backyard deck overlooking a sunny city

A place apart from the frantic world, out of doors but sheltering. Secluded, though not barricaded. Comforting and comfortable.  A tract of peace, away from it all. An oasis. The word and the idea come down to us from the caravan trade routes through the vast deserts of Arabia and the Sahara, but homeowners in … Read more