Adding a deck is something a Los Angeles area homeowner without one naturally comes to think of.  And why not? After all, our incomparable climate and vistas make outdoor living a SoCal tradition. In our business, there’s no need to convince clients of the value of a deck. Quality of life and, certainly, dollars recouped at resale speak for themselves. Rather, we find that homeowners hesitate because of the “how”. They can “see” their dream deck in their mind’s eye. The path from here to there, however, is either blank or filled with lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh, my. In this two-part series, we’ll walk through a deck project start to finish. It’s a yellow brick road, not a rocky road.


A homeowner who’s thinking about adding a deck already has, in most cases, a conception of it. This idea, though, may be vague. Our job begins by interacting with the client, applying our experience and know-how to that conception. Together, we flesh it out, add detail, and decide trade-offs. The product of this discussion is, finally, an idea that can be set on paper and turned into a plan.

Actually, we do better than setting the idea on paper. Rather, we build it and modify it as the discussions proceed. Build a virtual 3D rendering of it, that is, in our computer software. Thus, clients can “see” it, “walk” on it, and most importantly, alter it. Naturally, we come and survey the property in this stage. Sloped lots don’t scare us. We simply adapt.


Decisions about building materials, types, and quantities pop up during the conception phase. You can’t build everything out of anything. There are, of course, structural considerations. There will likely be multiple options, even so. Different materials have different pricing and different properties. It’s not the case that the most costly is always the best. Moreover, there’s the matter of personal tastes.


We then crunch the design, the materials detailing, and site factors. We subsequently produce a cost estimate and project timetable. This is, to be sure, a fraught moment for many clients. It shouldn’t be. We know what we’re doing. We’ve done a lot of it over a long time. Completing our clients’ projects on time and on budget is our business raison d’etre. Our business reason for being. We’re family-owned, multi-generation contractors. We are here to stay. Our reputation is everything. We encourage clients with doubts or concerns to express them fully and frankly at this point. We want to cross the next bridge with all parties confident and eager.


Contractors contract. We enter into a solemn, legally-binding agreement with our client. We are going to build the deck we agreed upon, in exactly the way we agreed. We’re going to finish your deck project when we agreed we would. We’re going to respect your home and property as if it were our own. And finally, we’re going to clean up after ourselves. Clients signatures and ours go on those contracts with full hearts, without reservations.


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