3D Modeling and Rendering in LA

by | Feb 5, 2019

One of the all-time great trickle-downs from the space program is the availability of

Once you’ve approved a design, the 3D model can play an active supporting role in dealing with review boards and neighbors, who generally respond favorably to the transparency and detail provided by a rendering or by live onscreen interaction.

As work begins, the value of 3D modeling shows itself on the bottom line and on the calendar. Fewer surprises mean less reworking, fewer change orders, and so fewer budget additions and shorter time to completion. In the real world, in real time, design changes can be demanded for aesthetic or practical reasons, and with recourse back to your 3D model you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions. Adaptations to unforeseen issues can be developed more quickly and more cost-effectively by modeling them in 3D.

It’s important to understand that one thing these 3D modeling applications do not and cannot do is create great designs. There are innumerable software programs out there, available at low cost or as freeware, but 3D modeling apps are only tools and the models created with them are only as good as the users’ talents and experience. 3D modeling is a collaborative process involving customers, structural engineers, architects, and contractors, start-to-finish. It’s become industry standard, and that standard will soon include physical creation of models using the new 3D printers. It’s an exciting time to be building.

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