In  Part One of this walk through a deck project, the Los Angeles deck builder and client reached full and informed agreement on the design and costs. Both parties signed a contract with full hearts and confidence.

Before any building can begin, however, there are codes and regulations to comply with.


A typical consumer’s first look at the Los Angeles County Building Code is usually pretty daunting. It’s tough, in fact, for an amateur to figure out what permits he or she needs, let alone how to obtain them. Moreover, permit applications often have to have supporting documents, like plans and drawings.

This is all in a day’s work for the deck builder MG Construction & Decks. It’s a matter of long experience. We know how to determine what permits to apply for. We then prepare and submit the applications for efficient and timely processing. After all, this is as much a part of what we do as drilling and driving nails.


When all the ducks are in a row, we start construction. Here, again, experience counts.  For a given project on a given property, there’s always a best way to go about it.  An optimal way to order the sequence of steps.  This is especially important for unusual designs and for sites with exceptional features like steep slopes.  A wise old contractor once said that anybody can build any deck project, as long as there are no limits on time or expense. The professional difference is getting the job done right, on time, and on budget.  That’s exactly what we at MG Construction & Decks pride ourselves on doing.

Our work standards also include respect for our clients’ property and quality of life during the construction work. Life at home must go on while we’re building. We guide our conduct by the golden rule. Our work at your home is done the way we’d want you to work at our homes.


We’re not finished building until our client is satisfied that the deck we jointly conceived and designed has been fully realized. We encourage thorough inspection of our work and welcome any and all questions about it.


Then, we clean up after ourselves. We want to leave behind one and only one change in a client’s property: a brand new deck. The deck our client wanted. Thus, we take care to remove and restore any other signs that we were ever there. If a client has occasion to remember us, we want it to be with a smile.

MG Construction & Decks offers several interior and exterior remodeling services in Los Angeles California. There is no project too small or too large. However, the majority of our focus has been focused on: