Deck or patio? Of course, we know they’re different, decks and patios. But how different? What’s the big deal? They’re flat, solid, outdoor platforms. We can put furniture and fixtures on them. They both make it possible to enjoy our outdoor space without getting our feet in the dirt. The main difference between a deck and a patio is the way they’re built.

Materials are not the main construction difference, though. True, patios are usually concrete, stone, pavers, or tiles. Hard stuff. In contrast, we usually build decks with wood or composite wood. It’s not about where they’re built, either. We can build either one attached to or detached from the house.

The thing about patios is they’re paved ground. A patio rests directly on the ground. Hence, the ground underneath it has to be flat. Decks, on the other hand, “float”, supported by uprights. This is key. The uprights can be made in different lengths. Thus, we can build a deck on uneven ground. We can even build a deck on a steep slope. We can build a deck for an upper story of a house. The deck, regardless of the landscape under it, is flat.


A deck is probably the better choice for an uneven yard. As noted, deck builders can size the uprights to adapt to almost any terrain. A homeowner could, of course, grade and uneven plot to flatten it. That’s usually quite costly, though. That would cancel out the usually lower cost of building a patio.

One of the other advantages deck builders offer over patios is a better return on investment (ROI) at resale. Deck design is also more flexible. Though it’s totally a matter of personal taste, many people find the color, texture, and feel of deck materials more inviting. These materials really do have a more comfortable feel, especially in sunny SoCal. Deck materials absorb less of the sun’s radiant energy, and so don’t heat up as much as patios tend to.


There are a few considerations that might tip a homeowner toward the patio option. The way decks are built, they’re not as robust as a concrete slab on the ground is. This can be a deal-breaker for a homeowner whose dream yard includes heavy installations. Hot tubs and outdoor kitchens are likely too heavy for a deck. Another push toward a patio may come from local government. This depends entirely on the local. In some areas, decks require permits but patios don’t.


We at MG Construction & Decks would love to build a deck for you. Contact us and we’ll give you a free estimate!  We’ll also listen to your dreams and to your limitations, and recommend the better yard upgrade solution. We stand on our reputation. What’s best for the client is what’s best for MG Construction & Decks.

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