How to Find the Right Contractor for Backyard Renovation?

backyard renovation

When you are considering backyard renovation, you have two paths to choose from. You can either take a DIY approach or you can hire professionals. The problem with DIY is that it may take a lot of your time. And the end result may not exactly be as neat and aesthetically pleasing as you want. … Read more

Shade for Decks: Retractable, Portable, and Canopy Awnings

lighted backyard seating area at dusk

Adding shade to your deck can extend its life and make it useable even in harsh summers or the rainy season. A quality shade will protect the deck from rain, sun, hail, and other weather elements. It also brings more class and aesthetics to your outdoor space. When it comes to shade for decks, you … Read more

Deck Remodeling – Tips to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

man kneeling to drill deck planks

If you have an outdoor deck on your property, remodeling it can add color and vibrancy to the space. Homeowners typically want to remodel a deck in order to refresh the existing design or style or to make a deck more contemporary with the prevalent styles. In any case, a bit of planning in the … Read more

TimberTech Decking: Why It Is a Great Alternative to Real Wood?

deck beneath pergola at dusk

A great looking deck adds class and style to your property. It also enhances the value of your property and gives you a fun spot for social gatherings or a private hour. Decks improve the aesthetics of both indoor space and outdoor space. If you have decided to add a deck to your home, it … Read more

Why You Should Choose Awnings as Cover For Your Deck?

view of trees and hills fro beneath an awning

A deck is a perfect way of adding value to your property while creating the perfect outdoor retreat at your home. If you have an existing deck, remodeling can really lift it up and give it a brand new look. This is particularly true for older decks. While deck replacement or a new deck can … Read more


tropical hardwood decking woods jarrah and cumaru

In our previous post we presented a hypothetical Los Angeles homeowner with no financial brakes. Someone who decides to have a deck designed and built for his home, with money no object. This, to be sure, is a pretty rare client in real life. But such people do approach us. If you think about it, … Read more


sunny and warm wooden deck

When home improvement projects are on the table, the conversation usually gets around to economics. The dollar pros and cons of various types of upgrades, for instance. Return On Investment (ROI) at resale time. Up-front versus long-term maintenance costs. All very sensible, in fact, for just about everyone.  It’s a harder, on the other hand, … Read more


wooden deck with grass and brick overlooking a sunny city

Okay, then. You’re standing at the last bridge to cross before committing to the long-awaited deck addition to your home. You’ve done your research. Materials, design options, permit requirements – your research and inquires covered the bases.  There’s really only one imponderable left to get your head around. Look, even the most experienced Los Angeles … Read more


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Los Angeles County is big. In fact, it’s four times the area of the entire State of Rhode Island. Nonetheless, anyone familiar with our area knows that land here does not grow on trees. We are, after all, over 10 million residents.  Land is scarce. It’s most definitely expensive. Hence, we’ve learned to get the … Read more