3 Questions to Ask a Deck Builder Before Hiring

So you have decided to upgrade or add a new deck to your patio or backyard, this is good. A quality deck adds extra finish and beauty to a home. Despite the tight schedule, you finally snagged yourself a contractor or builder to do the job.

Do you hire immediately? Maybe if they come highly recommended, but we say hold your horses and ask these crucial questions first. You do not want to be in trouble with the law or have your insurance company calling for breaking one either.

Remember, not all deck contractors are qualified to work on your decks. Whatever decision you take will determine if the deck will last years, or perhaps you will be looking for another contractor to build a deck for you by the holidays.

Why should you hire a deck builder?

There are misconceptions that hammering and nailing are all that a deck upgrade or construction entails. It’s both a yes and no; there is more than meet the eye on an elegantly finished deck. 

First of all, there are local buildings or state laws concerning additions to any part of your home. If violated, you could be in serious trouble.

Secondly, as exciting as a DIY project sounds, you do not want to be responsible for your property crashing when you hold a party in the future. Besides, you can always negotiate the price for a reasonable project. Let the deck builders do their job and save yourself all the aches and pains.

3 questions to ask before hiring a deck builder

How long have you built decks? 

Now, this sounds and looks like a straightforward question, but it is the beginning of knowing how qualified your deck builder is. Ask your deck contractor what type of decking materials he is familiar with and the construction methods they have done in the past. They should be able to provide a good project portfolio. Knowing their experience will help you understand how qualified they are for the job. 

What are your licenses, and do you have references?

A licensed and insured deck contractor can help handle the permit process for you, as these might get complicated depending on the city or area you are in. 

Providing you with their references is crucial. If they offer their services within the vicinity, they should have you can easily visit to check their work quality and confirm their work history.


These three questions are the opening to a deck contractor’s Pandora’s Box. If you are satisfied, get a quote and start working. Never hire a deck builder for your deck building project without the proper steps; your deck is a commonly used platform, be wise, and begin right, and it will last for years to come.