Estimate Guide for Repairing your Decks

Conducting a deck repair project can either be simple or difficult, depending on its condition and the results you envision. Careful planning, extensive assessment of the deck, and realistic budgeting are required when undergoing deck repairs. The material and overall project price depend on the result of your evaluation.

Should I repair or replace my deck?

Having a wood deck might be lovely, but they are mostly exposed to harsh elements and varying temperatures which eventually causes damage. Depending on the state of the deck, one can determine whether they should simply conduct repairs or replace it entirely.

It’s important to fully evaluate the surface, handrails and most especially the support beams. For example, if the beams are badly hit, then a full replacement can be considered since it will be dangerous to anyone using the deck if they remain damaged. Whereas deck boards can be easily repaired. So it is crucial to take a very good look at the surface of the deck and also the handrails.

Construction projects, especially repairs, are often charged on a cost per square foot basis. The average price to repair a deck is determined by the retail pricing of building materials, the location, and how bad the damage is. It is important to note that repairing your deck still costs less than a full replacement.

The average cost of labor is based on the deck repair professional experience. Most estimates might seem high as they would often charge their labor per hour, but that is what you pay for expertise. It would save you a lot of trouble in the long run by not wasting materials and avoiding rework.

Also, the total deck repair cost is determined by some factors, such as:

  • The size of the deck (including deck stairs, deck railing, deck boards, etc.)
  • The materials needed (treated lumber, pressure-treated wood, etc.)
  • The present state of the deck
  • The time of repair.
  • The age of the deck.

With the help of these factors mentioned above, there could be ways to reduce your budget for the deck repair costs.

If you decide to do it yourself, you need to know the average material price, study how to properly repair your deck, and implement the actual construction. It is crucial to have carpentry know-how to ensure you won’t go over budget and, more importantly, make the whole process safe for you and your loved ones. Otherwise, it would be smarter to hire a deck repair expert.


Not only does it bring a family closer by providing a space for them to be together, but a deck also adds more beauty to the home and increases its economic value. In order to fully enjoy its benefits, you must ensure your deck is in top shape. Maintenance is always a must when you have a home deck as it’s prone to damages due to usage and weather exposure. Seeking help from deck repair professionals will put your mind at ease. Always remember that the joy a deck brings and the safety a well-maintained deck ensures will always be more valuable than the cost to repair.