Which Is Better: A Permanent or Portable Deck?

There are many reasons why you should consider adding a deck to your home; some do it for aesthetics or practicality. One of the best reasons to add a deck is that it increases the value of your house. 

Whatever your reason may be, you now have to decide whether you should install a permanent deck or a portable one. Both types of decks will extend your entertaining space, but which type is right for your home? 

The pros and cons of a portable deck and a permanent deck:

Is a portable deck better?

A portable deck is a non-committal option for an outdoor living expansion. From the name itself, it’s a movable or portable outdoor flooring you can have in your outdoor living space.

Benefits of portable decks:

  • A more affordable deck option. Usually, portable decks are much smaller than permanent ones. A small deck size means less material used and fewer expenses.
  • Suitable for rentals. If you’re currently renting your home, a portable deck is the better option for home improvement. For one, most people wouldn’t want to invest money on a permanent fixture on someone else’s property.
  • Adjustable location. If you are one to experiment on your outdoor design ideas and like changing up how your house looks, you can move a portable deck around. Portable decks don’t have to stay at the same location forever.


Drawbacks of portable decks:

  • More maintenance if custom DIY’d or built from deck kits.  If the material you chose for your portable deck is not well-maintained, it will affect the deck’s lifespan.
  • Low return-of-investment (ROI). If you own your house and decide on a portable deck, it wouldn’t add much to the value if you do choose to sell it.

Is a permanent deck better?

A permanent deck is an outdoor living space platform that is attached to your home.

Benefits of permanent decks:

  • Higher ROI. Since it’s an additional feature to your house, the value of your home will rise when you decide to sell it.
  • Space for a shed. Some people’s design ideas include adding an elevated deck to their house. This project will give the room and opportunity to have more storage underneath your deck.
  • Works on an uneven terrain. A permanent deck is custom-made for your home. For example, if your house is on irregular terrain, the contractors will adjust the design for it to adapt to your space.

Drawbacks of permanent decks:

  • More expensive. A permanent deck is a real investment. Therefore, the expenses are higher than a portable deck.
  • Needs experts. This project is hard to DIY. Instead of buying a deck kit, you can hire outdoor renovation professionals who can do the job and even help with getting the building permit to make the whole process more convenient.

 In deciding on a type of deck to have, you also have the option to get your outdoor wood plans made out of different kinds of wood — from redwood to teak wood. In addition to that, you can make your deck out of artificial wood as well. In particular, polypropylene plastic or composite. This type of material is resistant to insect damage.

By the end of the day, the type of deck you choose will be up to you. It may rely on the type of your home and your lifestyle. Additionally, it can also depend on your budget and purpose. For both types of decks, you can hire deck building experts to do the job for you.