Best Backyard Projects For 2020

Backyard Projects

If you are looking for some great backyard projects this year, look no further. Here are some great ideas to get you started in the right direction. A Pergola Swing Pergolas are a typical feature with backyards. However, you can add a twist to a conventional pergola by coupling it with a swing. The best … Read more

Why Pergolas Serve as Perfect Deck Coverings?

Pergola deck covering

Pergolas are free-standing structures which are supported by poles, posts or columns. As deck coverings, pergolas are a very popular choice. This is because of the sheer convenience they offer. Typically, a pergola has an open roof. The open roof space is equipped and covered using a variety of materials, including plant vines and fabrics. … Read more


pergola on a backyard wooden deck

The word “pergola” came down to us from the late Latin “pergula,” and to Spanish as “la pérgola,” and all three refer to the same thing. A pergola was a great thing in Roman times and is today, too. Useful, versatile, economical, sturdy, and when adequately styled and accessorized, very easy on the eyes. The essentials … Read more