Why Pergolas Serve as Perfect Deck Coverings?

Pergolas are free-standing structures which are supported by poles, posts or columns. As deck coverings, pergolas are a very popular choice. This is because of the sheer convenience they offer. Typically, a pergola has an open roof. The open roof space is equipped and covered using a variety of materials, including plant vines and fabrics. As deck coverings, pergolas offer a variety of benefits when compared to other options. Here is a look at these benefits.

Flexible Construction for Deck Coverings

As a freestanding structure, pergolas don’t require a wall or any other adjacent structure for support. You can simply install poles along the deck and then build the open roof on top of it. As an option for deck coverings, pergolas are particularly suitable where options like permanent veranda roof extensions are not feasible. Even coverings like awnings need a structure to which to attach to – something which isn’t required in the case of a pergola.

Shading Choices with a Pergola

Pergolas feature open roofs which use a variety of options for deck coverings. Popular options include vines as well as various fabrics. Vines as a covering option are particularly useful in shielding the space underneath from the hot summer sun. You can also install the shading fabrics as permanent or movable. Movable fabrics allow you to achieve a partial shade, allowing you to enjoy the air and the sun at the same time. A completely open pergola is often achieved with movable fabrics that are folded. .

Breathable Shade Deck Coverings

When used for deck coverings, a pergola offers a breathable shade. The vines or fabrics typically allow pergola roofs to circulate through the deck. They also filter out the sun partially so that you don’t have a solid shade but a breathable one. This is particularly useful if you want the shade in both winter and summer.

Shading Add-Ons with a Pergola

Some pergolas are designed so that the sides, in addition to the roof, feature deck coverings. This helps you achieve an added degree of privacy. Pergola slats are also great for better sun protection.

Hire a Professional for Your Pergola Deck Coverings

Pergolas are permanent structures, so you should expect to spend a tidy sum when setting them up as deck coverings. The labor and installation costs, in particular, are considerable. However, the costs are offset by the durability of the structure. It is best to let an interior and exterior renovation company handle the job if you want a well-built pergola. This is because constructing a pergola requires specialized skills and expertise.

If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your property, your planning should take into account ROI variables. Materials, size, access, and the “wow factor” all contribute to a prospective buyer’s perception of the value added by a deck to the property. It’s worth becoming familiar with deck construction in the comparable properties in your area so you can position yours where you want to be value-wise. Another value relationship to consider is that between your deck budget and the overall value of the property. It doesn’t make ROI dollars and sense to build something too grand for the size and likely resale price of the home. One rule of thumb used by contractors and architects is that a deck should be no larger than the home’s biggest interior space. 

Keep in mind, too, that adding value to your home gets the attention of the assessor and the underwriter, so your property taxes and insurance premiums are like to be increased. Like anything else built by human beings, a deck will inevitably require some maintenance and/or repair as time goes by. Good choices of materials, with expert design and construction, are the ticket to keeping those costs down and your enjoyment and ROI up.