In Southern California, of course, our incomparable climate and terrain beg us to live out of doors. Hence, our yards are very much a part of our home’s living space. There are, after all, plenty of outdoor upgrades that make those spaces more attractive and more functional. Pools, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, to name a few. The basic, must-do improvement, though, is surely adding a deck. That’s where owners of unimproved yards usually begin their dreaming. And we’re deck builders who make deck dreams come true.


For most homeowners, the path from dreaming to reality is blurry when construction is involved. In our experience, though, most truly do know what it is they desire. It’s just that lacking the knowledge, experience and skill set of a deck builder, homeowners find it difficult to focus and communicate their dreams. That’s where we at MG Construction & Decks come in. If you can dream it, we can describe it and build it for you. Most importantly, It’ll be what you dreamed of.


In fact, our clients get to see their dream decks before any construction work begins. Thanks to 3D modeling technology, we can present a “first draft” of a deck project to clients. It’s amazing how seeing a 3D rendering excites clients as they rotate it on the screen, and walk in the virtual world. Moreover, the presentation invariably makes their dreams gel into specific modifications. We add, subtract, and change the 3D model until that magical moment: THAT’S IT! A misty, dreamy vision in the mind’s eye is now very real, in 3D and high resolution.


At this point, the MG team of deck builders swings into action on multiple fronts.  There are engineering, architectural, and regulatory aspects to evaluate and deal with. We do that. Been there, done that. In parallel, the client and our team select the building materials that’ll fit the client’s tastes, budget, and maintenance requirements while supporting the deck’s planned use. Our experience enables us to equip clients with knowledge of a deck’s future given those parameters. Once the ducks are all in a row, we walk the project through securing any permits the city or state require. Then, with all lights green, we complete the project on schedule. The final draft 3D rendering is real.


Adding a deck to a property is perhaps the single most effective upgrade to an unimproved yard. Most of the other enhancements people dream of more or less have a deck in the picture. Adding a deck is also a good investment in the home’s future resale value. It’s not a simple or easy job, but it’s a job we’ve been doing every day for many years. We’d like the opportunity to make your deck dreams come true.

MG Construction & Decks offers several interior and exterior remodeling services in Los Angeles California. There is no project too small or too large. However, the majority of our focus has been focused on: