Achieving Your Dream: House Interior Renovation Guide

Ever glanced around your home and thought, “It’s time for a change”? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of house interior renovation but felt overwhelmed by the myriad decisions involved.

What if there was a guide to navigate this complex journey? One that demystifies setting budgets, makes kitchen overhauls less daunting, and helps create bathroom spaces both beautiful and functional?

A dream living room redesign doesn’t have to remain just a dream. And those chic bedroom makeovers on Pinterest? They’re within reach too.

This is more than an article – it’s your roadmap through the labyrinth of renovations. You’ll discover how to balance cost considerations with style preferences, learn about adding ADA-compliant safety options in bathrooms, and even understand ways to use color effectively in bedrooms or dining rooms.

Let’s kick off your home makeover journey right here, together…

Table Of Contents:

Planning and Budgeting for House Interior Renovation

The prospect of a house interior renovation can be both exciting and daunting. But, don’t let the fear of unknown costs hold you back from creating your dream space. We at MG Construction & Decks are here to guide you through setting up a realistic budget that will not break your bank.

Setting a Realistic Renovation Budget

A well-planned budget is like an architect’s blueprint—it lays out where to allocate funds effectively across different areas of your renovation project. A critical part of this planning phase is understanding the cost considerations associated with various tasks.

The heart and soul of most homes lie in their kitchens, but giving it a fresh look comes with its own price tag. New kitchen countertops alone can range anywhere from $500 for simple options like laminate or tile to over $10,000 if you’re dreaming about luxury materials such as quartz or granite. This isn’t even considering other upgrades such as cabinets or appliances.

If bathroom renovations are on your list too, expect expenses starting around $1,000 and extending upwards to $25,000 depending upon how extensive the changes need to be. Here’s our guide on how you could save money during this process.

In order not to get overwhelmed by these numbers though – we recommend breaking down each area into smaller sections: floors; walls; plumbing fixtures etc., so they become more manageable chunks rather than one huge sum staring back at us.

Identifying Areas Of Focus And Allocating Funds Accordingly

Different spaces within the home require varying levels of attention, which may impact overall cost estimation considerably while preparing initial plans, thus, prioritizing rooms based on personal needs would prove beneficial – especially when working under constrained budgets.

For instance, a home office renovation may require less budget compared to the kitchen or bathroom. Similarly, renovating interior stairs could be cost-effective if you choose creative and practical solutions such as adding under-stair storage spaces or simply repainting them for a fresh look.

The Importance of Flexibility in Your Budget

Even if you’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’, having some flexibility in your budget for unexpected scenarios is important, as it will provide wiggle room should it be required.

Key Takeaway: 

Embrace the thrill of house interior renovation without fear of costs. With a well-planned budget, you can make your dream space a reality without breaking the bank. Break down each area into manageable chunks for better cost management and prioritize based on personal needs. Don’t forget to factor in flexibility.

Kitchen Renovations

Let’s face it, the kitchen is more than just a place where meals are prepared. It’s the heart of your home, where the family gathers and memories are made. Despite the complexity of remodeling this essential area, MG Construction & Decks is here to help you navigate through each step.

New Countertops: The Star Attraction

New countertops have an immediate impact on your kitchen aesthetics and functionality. Choices range from budget-friendly butcher blocks at around $500 to opulent marble that could set you back by $10,000 or more. Selecting the right material depends not only on your taste but also on how much wear and tear they’ll endure.

Cabinet Upgrades: A Fresh Perspective

Upgrading cabinets or cabinet doors might seem like a minor change, but it gives an entirely new perspective to your cooking space. Depending upon their condition, consider either refurbishing existing ones with fresh paint or replacing them completely for a transformative effect.

Flooring Updates: Grounded in Style

Your feet spend considerable time walking over these surfaces while cooking up feasts. Hence updating flooring becomes crucial during kitchen renovations. From timeless hardwoods to modern vinyl planks – there’s something out there for every style preference and pocket depth.

The Faux Island: A Functional Masterpiece

A faux island may sound deceiving; however, its contribution towards enhancing functionality can be anything but fake. If structured well, it offers an extra counter space for prep work or can double as a casual dining spot. Want to get one? Click here.

The cost of renovating your kitchen will largely depend on the scope and scale of changes you decide upon. But with some smart decisions and expert help from MG Construction & Decks, achieving that dream kitchen is no longer just a pipe dream. We’ve got you covered in terms of interior home renovation services.

Kitchen Island

Key Takeaway: 

Revamping your kitchen can seem daunting, but it’s all about making smart choices. New countertops and cabinet upgrades instantly uplift the space while flooring updates add a touch of style. A well-structured faux island enhances functionality without compromising aesthetics. Remember, every decision you make contributes to crafting your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Renovations

Revamping your bathroom can be an exciting journey, especially when you’re focused on adding storage solutions and making safety updates alongside design enhancements. Let’s dive right into the transformative world of bathroom renovations.

Transforming Bathrooms with Effective Storage Solutions

The secret to a clutter-free, serene bathroom often lies in cleverly designed storage spaces. When we add cabinets or open shelves during a renovation, it helps maximize space in the bathroom. Not only does this give us more room for essentials but also allows easy access to them.

If you’ve ever had to rummage through drawers for that elusive tube of toothpaste, consider how much simpler life would be if everything was organized within arm’s reach. An excellent place to start is by adding a medicine cabinet. This keeps medications out of sight yet easily accessible while freeing up counter space.

Another effective way is using vertical spaces wisely – like installing open shelves above the toilet or along unused walls.

Enhancing Bathroom Safety with ADA-Compliant Options

Safety might not always be at top-of-mind when planning interior home renovations service; however, considering accessibility features during upgrades could save trouble down the line—especially in bathrooms where accidents frequently occur due to wet surfaces.

We recommend upgrading regular fixtures such as towel bars and toilet paper holders to ADA-compliant options—a significant step towards enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Bathroom renovations aren’t just about aesthetics. They’re also about making your space more functional and safe—something that’s particularly important as we age or if the house is shared with older adults or individuals with disabilities.

Renovating a restroom may set you back anywhere from one thousand dollars to twenty-five grand, or even higher if you’re aiming for the more luxurious and intricate designs. But don’t forget – it’s not always about splashing the cash; it’s all about the design, which will take the money you spend further.

Key Takeaway: 

Revamping your bathroom isn’t just about style – it’s also about practicality and safety. Clever storage solutions can help keep everything within reach, reducing clutter and making daily routines easier. Also, considering ADA-compliant options during renovations can significantly enhance safety in a space where accidents are common due to wet surfaces.

Living Room Renovations

The living room is not only a component of the home, but also its pulse. It’s where we unwind after a long day, gather with loved ones, and create memories. But when was the last time you gave this precious space some TLC? Maybe it’s time to think about a little renovation magic.

Changing Window Treatments

New window treatments can breathe fresh life into your living room. Consider trading out those dusty old blinds for modern curtains or stylish shutters. Not only do they offer privacy but also control light levels and add an aesthetic appeal to your interior decor.

A word from experience: try opting for neutral colors that blend seamlessly with any design scheme – saving you from future redecoration hassles.

Installing Dimmer Switches

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over years of renovating homes – lighting matters. A simple trick like installing dimmers allows you to set the mood at will; romantic dinner or movie night? No problem. Here’s my advice: invest in quality switches because cheap options might save dollars today but could lead to costly repairs tomorrow.

Flooring Updates

Tired of worn-out carpets or dated tiles? How about trying something new underfoot? Updating flooring material instantly elevates the look of any living area while adding value to your property. And guess what – there are budget-friendly alternatives too.

The Power of Color

Nothing transforms a space like color. A fresh coat on the walls, colorful throw pillows, or even vibrant art pieces can add character and warmth to your living area.

Deciding on color scheme for home

“A carefully chosen color palette has the power to turn any ordinary place into something extraordinary.”

Key Takeaway: 

Rejuvenate your living room’s vibe by introducing fresh window treatments, installing dimmer switches for mood lighting, upgrading the flooring with budget-friendly options, and harnessing the power of color. Remember to opt for quality materials to avoid future repair hassles and pick neutral tones that blend well with any design.

Bedroom and Dining Room Makeovers

Revamping your bedroom or dining room doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, with some creativity and strategic choices, you can transform these spaces into elegant havens without breaking the bank.

Add Interest to Walls or Ceilings

You might not consider your walls or ceilings as potential design elements, but they hold immense transformative power. By simply adding wainscoting or trim, you can create a high-end look in your bedroom without having to deal with high costs. This technique adds texture and depth, instantly making the space more appealing.

A patterned wallpaper is another great option for adding interest to an otherwise bland wall. Whether it’s floral prints for a classic touch or geometric patterns for a modern vibe – the options are endless.

Add A Headboard

Moving on from walls to furniture, let’s talk about headboards. The right headboard could make all the difference between an average-looking bed setup and one that screams luxury hotel suite. Opting for plush fabric headboards gives off warm vibes while metal ones offer industrial chicness.

No need to fret over prices; there are many affordable yet stylish options available out there too. Even minor adjustments such as this can have a huge effect on the atmosphere of the room.

Install New Light Fixtures

We often underestimate what good lighting can do until we experience its impact firsthand. Installing new light fixtures isn’t just practical—it also serves as a game-changing decor element, especially when done strategically in dining rooms where meals turn into experiences under their glow.

To explore a range of fixtures and find the one that suits your style, check out our guide on installing new light fixtures.

The best part? You don’t have to call in a pro for this – you can do it yourself with some simple DIY skills.

Creative Use of Color and Pattern

Who says a splash of color can’t shake things up? Whether it’s soft pastels or bright hues, color brings rooms to life. Imagine just one wall painted in a bold shade – now that could really give your space an exciting twist.

Key Takeaway: 

Revamp your bedroom or dining room without breaking the bank by creatively using color, adding texture to walls and ceilings, installing stylish light fixtures yourself, and choosing a standout headboard. Remember that even small changes can make a big impact on your space’s overall ambiance.

FAQs in Relation to House Interior Renovation

In what order should I renovate my house?

Start with any structural repairs, then move to plumbing and electrical updates. Next comes painting, flooring, and finally fixtures.

How to redesign the interior of your house?

Identify your style first. Then plan each room’s function, choose a color scheme, select furniture pieces, and accessorize for a complete look.

Is a full house renovation worth it?

A full-house renovation can be worth it if you plan on staying long-term or if major systems need an overhaul. It also adds value when selling.

What is considered an interior renovation?

An interior renovation includes changes inside the home like updating kitchens or bathrooms, replacing floors or walls, and improving lighting fixtures.


Renovating your home doesn’t have to be daunting…

You now know how to plan and budget for a house interior renovation. You’ve explored the cost considerations and learned ways to allocate funds effectively.

Your dream kitchen is no longer just a fantasy… with knowledge about countertops, cabinets, and flooring options, you can make it happen.

Bathroom transformations are within reach too… adding storage solutions or enhancing safety has never been clearer.

Lush living rooms? Chic bedrooms? Yes! Changing window treatments or installing dimmer switches; new light fixtures or creative use of color – all these elements contribute towards crafting spaces that truly feel like home.

For all these and more, MG COnstruction and Decks is at your service. Not only are we experts in interior remodeling, but our deck building, pools, backyard beautification, and pergolas are second to none! Check out some of our previous work here.