Various Types of Outdoor Decks and How to Choose One

Outdoor decks are great additions to the front or rear of a house. They offer an extension for seating, entertainment, and a place to barbecue on a summer evening. However, there are quite a few different varieties of outdoor decks, and they all have their own pros and cons.

Detached Platform Deck

A detached platform deck is one of the most accessible decks to construct for those who want to do it themselves. It’s usually isolated from the main house area and built away from the shelter of the roof. They’re great for uneven ground but tend to be more open to the elements. They also require periodic maintenance since the ravages of the weather will take its toll on the wooden fixtures.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks are typically connected to the house at various points. They’re great for extending the living space of your home, and because they’re covered, they allow you to follow the shade during the day. They are also a bit narrower than standard decks, and any roofing work such as roofing repair could lead to a costly bill for construction.

Multi-Level Deck

Sometimes, a house might have several elevation changes in the area where the deck needs to go. A multi-level deck helps deal with these elevation changes while offering a great deck experience. It can combine detached and attached deck design styles and can be extended when a person’s budget allows it. Unfortunately, constructing one of these types of decks is relatively expensive. They also require constant maintenance.

Outdoor Pool Deck

A swimming pool deck is one of the most common decks you’re likely to encounter. These decks offer a seating area around the swimming pool and a place to put your drinks and entertainment nearby. Pool decks are slip-resistant and tend to be easier for DIY installations. However, they need constant maintenance because they’re always in contact with water and used so often. They also don’t last as long as other deck installations.

Rooftop or Over-Garage Deck

Sometimes, people want to build a deck addition to their home but don’t have the space to do so. These deck installations are creative ways of adding a deck to a home without needing too much space on the sides of the house. These decks offer a bit more privacy, being high off the ground. They also provide better views of your property for the same reason. Unfortunately, they usually require staircase access because of their height. Building one of these may also need you to adjust the current structure to fit the new staircase access and support the deck.


With so many decking options to choose from, you are sure to find the one to perfectly complement your house. And while some projects might be rather simple, for the real classy decks, it is always advised that you use the services of a professional company. If you reside in the LA area, the perfect solution is MG Construction & Decks. With over a decade of experience, they go several extra miles to take care of all your needs, from rendering 3D drawing, obtaining permits, to completing the project. And the project is not complete until you are satisfied.