Caring For Your Wooden Deck After A Summer Storm

A deck isn’t something you just set up and forget. Like other parts of your house, your deck will need maintenance. Since these outdoor fixtures are under the mercy of the weather, summer storms can give them quite a battering. That’s why ensuring that you take care of your wooden deck after summer storms is crucial. But how exactly do you care for your deck after a summer storm? Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do.

1.   Clean All your Deck Items and Store Them Safely

After a thunderstorm, your deck fixtures will probably be grimy and gunky from all the rainfall. A pair of rubber gloves and some elbow grease are what you need to get them cleaned up and put away safely. Check to make sure your plants are okay, and if there is severe damage, consider moving them indoors or to a sheltered place for a while to help them recover. Check furniture for cobwebs and clean them inside and out. Storing them in a safe, covered location will help you clear the space you need to deal with the actual deck. If you’ve got items too heavy to move, like barbecue fixtures, cover them with a tarp before you start washing down your deck.

2.   Do the First-Pass Cleaning

A first-pass cleaning is the first set of cursory cleaning you’ll do on your wooden deck. First, you should sweep away any dirt and debris the storm might have left. This helps to clear the way for deeper cleaning later on. Secondly, you’ll rinse the top of the deck off with a hose or pressure washer. If you’ve got an older deck, you should opt for the hose since it’s less likely to damage it. Newer decks might be better suited for using a pressure washer. The first-pass cleaning clears the way for doing some more in-depth cleaning after.

3. Scrub and Rinse

Cleaning solutions help loosen up some of the grime that the storm might have battered into the wood. Apply a cleaning solution and let it sit for a short while (no more than twenty minutes), then start cleaning the deck in rows, from one end to the other. A push-broom is an excellent option for this stage of the cleaning process if you have an older deck. Newer decks might benefit from a pressure washer to get a deeper clean. If you opt for the push-broom method, you may have to give the deck a second rinse to complete the cleaning job. The second rinse will clear away the debris the broom has removed from the surface of the wood.