Multi-Level Decks in LA

by | May 15, 2019

As Los Angeles area deck builders, we’re seeing more and more clients who want to take it to the next level.  Our designers are totally into it.  Multi-level decks very neatly address three kinds of practical matters.  One, adaptation to sloping or hilly lots. Secondly, increasing floor space with the same footprint. Finally, enhancing the deck’s functionality. And quite apart from these practical considerations, a multi-level design adds outstanding visual appeal to a property.



Certain areas in our region feature terrain that’s pretty challenging to builders. The multi-level approach empowers deck builders to take slopes and dips as opportunities instead of problems. Generally speaking, homeowners prefer not to invite heavy earth-moving equipment onto their property. Grading certainly can flatten ground surfaces, but why not fit the deck to the land instead? An expert designer can marry a multi-level deck to your landscape so it looks almost like it grew from the ground. The terrain enhances the deck, the deck likewise enhances the land.



In simple terms, X square feet of a backyard can support X square feet of flat deck at the most. And that would mean totally surrendering the yard to the deck.  A multi-level design, however, can provide floor space greater than the ground area under it. We can build a level partly or wholly over the level below it. It’s simple geometry!



The “stacking” of deck levels just mentioned nicely introduces another neat thing about multi-level decks.  They’re functionally like distinct, different decks. It’s like having more than one deck. A deck level under another one is a shady deck, right off the bat. Different levels can be made different worlds. For example, a hot tub on one level, kitchen on the top level, Kiddie Land on a third level. The “virtual rooms” created by distinct levels are also a definite plus when entertaining.  Smaller, more intimate gathering spaces rather than one big one.

In addition to better fitting the landscape, a multi-level deck can offer better access to and from the house. Once liberated from the constraints of levelness, a perfect fit with house doorways doesn’t have to come at the expense of other shapes and features. If the house is multi-story, voila! – deck access from every floor is a possibility.



Whether urged to by your lot’s terrain or other practical factors or just excited by the potential of a multi-level deck, let your imagination run. Our team can keep up. We’ll build out your dream deck in cyberspace with our 3D rendering software. We’ll change it and tweak it until you “walk” on it and love it.

And then, we’ll build it. On schedule and on budget. We’ve taken deck building to the next level.

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