One of the many benefits of living in Los Angeles is the consistently pleasant weather in southern California. With so many days of sunshine and crisp temperatures, it makes sense that you want to spend time outside. This is convenient when you have an enticing outdoor space to gather and relax. Outdoor decks have recently become more innovative than ever. Custom decks often feature televisions for outdoor movies and outdoor built-in grilling areas for summer barbeques. To take full advantage of Los Angeles weather, you need a deck with all the amenities you can get. However, before creating this outdoor living space, there are a few factors to consider. Deck installation is one of our top projects at MG Construction and Decks. We know everything about installing beautiful decks for L.A. homes, and provide everything from nails and screws to sealer and lumber. We believe you should ask yourself the following questions before you decide to install a deck on your property.

Is Your Home a Good Fit for a Deck?

Space in Los Angeles can be hard to come by. As an urban center with a sprawling population, not every home has ample room to expand. So, is your property a good candidate for a deck? These platforms work well for sloped areas when you need a flat surface. They can be built as high as you need, so they work great if your home is off the ground.

What is the Deck For?

Another question to ask before deck installation centers on the intended use. Many decks can be customized and constructed to fit your needs. So, is the deck intended for cooking, eating, or hanging out? Do you need extra features like a fireplace, hot tub, kitchen, outdoor TV, fire pit, or something else?

How Large Do You Need It?

Knowing the intended use also plays into determining the size. You will not want to invest the time and money into a deck if it ends up being too small for your needs! Deck size also plays into safety and how traffic flows.

What Material Works Best?

The two primary options for decks are composite materials or wood.
  • Composite boards are a mix of plastic and wood fibers. This is a sustainable option, as much of the material is formed from recycled plastic grocery bags. Composite boards can be low maintenance and last a while, although a little costly.
  • Wood decks can be made of either expensive or inexpensive wood material. Depending on the weather, the cost to maintain wood decks can be quite high. If the wood is not properly cared for, the wood can dry, rot, crack, warp, or splinter. If you are willing to put in the maintenance work, a wood deck can be quite the eye-catching design.

Who Will Install It?

Do-it-yourself projects are fun but challenging. For an in-depth project like deck installation, it is recommended to defer to the experts. This involves a consultation, measurements, and consideration of options. Professionals can map out projects in software to give you a 3-D visual of your proposed deck. They will also make sure you do not violate codes and have all the right permits. Many experts out there specialize specifically in deck building and design.

Is Everything Up to Code?

Depending on the deck size, you might need a permit. In Los Angeles, if the deck is over 200 square feet, a permit is necessary. If the deck is higher than 30 inches off the wall or has retaining walls over 3 feet, a permit is needed. Plus, certain factors like a septic tank or well placement can affect where a deck is allowed. Permits and zoning requirements ensure these important fixtures are not affected by the construction.

Where Will it Be Located?

Placement matters for more than just permits though. Is the area shaded or at least partially shaded? Sometimes that sunny California glow can be a little too hot. An unshaded deck will not seem as enticing in that scenario. If you do not have shade, it can be incorporated into the design. Some decks add gazebos, screening, or pavilions o provide more shade. Other options include fans, outdoor A/C and more.
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