Plans and Permits

Most construction and remodeling projects in the Los Angeles area require permits and inspections. MG Construction & Decks knows the process and we understand the building codes. MG Construction & Decks will prepare and submit your permit application, provide architectural drawings and supporting documents, and usher plans through to completion.

We Bring Designs To Life

The complexity of the permitting process in the Los Angeles area is in large part due to the unique environmental challenges faced by a highly developed, heavily populated Southern California coastal region. Architects, engineers, and contractors need to create and execute designs that realize homeowners’ dreams while complying with the regulatory constraints that keep our region viable and our quality of life high. As experienced professionals we are mindful from the outset of what can and cannot be done, and of what must be done to assure compliance with code and regulations. Working with our clients, we find the compromises that don’t compromise the aesthetic or functional value of the finished project.

Our areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles, and the Regional Planning Department
  • Historic preservation zones, contributing and non-contributing properties
  • Heavy equipment permits
  • California Coastal Commission permits
  • Plumbing and electrical compliance
  • Storm drainage
  • Q conditions resolution with the Planning Department

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