Best Materials For a Proper Bathroom Remodel

by | Dec 16, 2020

Getting the best materials for a proper bathroom remodel

One of the major challenges associated with achieving the best possible results when remodeling your bathroom lies in getting the best materials for a proper bathroom remodel. 

Worried about having to choose between functionality, and beauty in your design? Not to worry, the best materials for your shower glass, shower door, shower walls, master bath, wall studs, paint, towel bars, light switches, fixtures, and other bathroom accessories are all listed. 

Even though there are many materials to choose from, don’t negotiate to go for anything other than the ones listed if you want quality at its peak. 


The best kind of material that should be sought out when considering flooring in your bathroom is one that is water-resistant. This characteristic should precede any other aesthetic feature as you don’t want a fine looking tile flooring to get cracked or clogged in a short time. Therefore, make sure you go for materials like Vinyl tile, ceramic tile, sheet linoleum, and other water laminate tile. Don’t get a wood floor except for those specially designed to resist water damage. It is safer to settle with your Vinyl floor tile and customize it to look like a porcelain tile floor if you want. 


Choosing the right material for your bathroom countertops is more straightforward since so many materials that fit this purpose are water-resistant. Nevertheless, you still want luxurious looking sink materials that would add beauty to your bathroom, so the right choice is often quartz or granite. These two are not only durable, but they maintain their look for as long as you use them. Another option that would be great for your sink if you want to save cost and still get quality is Laminate. Any of these materials don’t need much maintenance for a consistent look in your bathroom.


Wall, Bath, and shower 

All wall materials should not just be elegant but should also not miss being water-resistant. The two good options for the wall material are glass and ceramic. Both are easy to clean, and they can be decorated easily in different color options. 

For the shower stall, the glass material is the best you can decide on. If you want, you can go for the one with a thicker texture for privacy purposes, and this would also not tamper with its aesthetic attribute. Stainless steel is also a great, less-costly option.

The best you can go for that would guarantee durability and make your bathroom look stunning is the cast iron for the bathtub. Though costly, yet they are worth it, especially for the master bathroom. But if your budget is limited, other materials like acrylic, fiberglass will do well but are not long-lasting like the cast iron. 


So here you go, the best material needed to turn your bathroom into what you pictured. If getting these items seem daunting, you can hire a contractor to handle the remodeling project. This way, you just need to show him your vision and he will handle everything including the bathroom building materials.  Remember that your bathroom is an investment, so, don’t compromise on the nickel faucets for your tub or shower you like just to save some money. If it’s worth it, buy it. Happy remodeling! 

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