5 Ways to Prepare Your Deck For Winter

by | Dec 9, 2020

With winter just around the corner, there’s going to be a lot of wetness and moisture.

These aren’t very great for wood, especially those out in the open where snow can easily fall on them.
Your deck is one of these things. You need to prepare your deck for winter weather if you don’t want to spend a ton on repairs after the season passes.

Here are some deck maintenance tips to keep your deck protected during winter:


Clean the Deck Thoroughly

In preparation for the cold weather, you should clean your deck surface thoroughly of snow and ice. This goes beyond the regular day-to-day cleaning done in the warmer months.
To ensure that the deck is in the best possible shape, make sure you practice deep cleansing especially if it’s a wood deck.
In doing this, you get rid of dirt, debris, dust, and whatever might’ve accumulated on the decks over time.
Also, ensure to scrub the deck s surface with a hard-bristled brush and bleach-free wood cleaner to remove mildew and/or mold. Not doing these will make it easier for the deck to degrade and get ruined during winter as moisture can be hard on wood.


Inspect and Fix Deck

Possibly after cleaning, inspect the wood surface or glass to check for signs of water damage, splinters, holes where snow can sit in, rot.
Carry out a general inspection and ensure you are thorough. When you’ve identified all issues that may cause ruin, get to work, and fix them up. Fill holes on the deck board with wood filler, tighten loose joints, and so on.

When the winter months pass, the work done on the wood decks will be evident, and it honestly pays in the long run. Come spring, you’ll have a deck without cracks, still as good as new where people can gather and have a good time.

Check out some tips on how to save costs when setting up your deck.


Apply Some Protective Finish

Finishing up with wood protection will protect your deck boards from the elements. A good finish for this purpose is a water-resistant seal.
Seal the wood up with a stain that penetrates the wood and ensures that water, snow, sleet, or hail won’t cause it damage by ensuring the moisture doesn’t even get through whilst letting the wood breathe.
Also, invest in a finish that has UV protection to prevent the wood from turning grey or losing its color and shine.


Cover Up With Tarp

Using a tarp to cover the floorboards space, furniture, or whatever wooden patio furniture you keep outside will serve as extra protection during winter. Of course, this would be difficult if you are making use of these items. If you are not, though, using a tarp to cover up is smart or you can move them out of the way to your garage or storage unit temporarily.
The tarp further protects the already sealed deck by stopping snow from falling on it directly.
Just ensure to sweep the snow off the tarp to prevent the buildup of snow.


Sweep Off the Snow

Maintain your deck’s optimal state by sweeping and shoveling everything off said surfaces to avoid further damage. Don’t let it accumulate, as this will make handling its maintenance more difficult.
After a significant downpour, sweep it off with a brush or shovel along the wood’s grain with a plastic shovel. A plastic one is suggested because it’ll prevent scratches and accidental peeling of the deck’s finishing.



Home improvement projects are not always easy but they are always worth it in the end. So, to keep your deck in top shape all year round, adhere to these tips, and it will be in great shape all through the winter and look amazing in the spring. You can also hire a professional deck builder to help maintain your deck all through the year.

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