Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

As a homeowner, making the most of your home is a big deal because you’re keen on the worth. Thinking about how to increase home value is a sure way to build wealth. Although it is hard to predict how home appreciation works, you can work on your home’s value on the following.


Making your house more attractive has more appeal to home buyers. In addition to this, it increases your return on investment. Improving aesthetics will make your home more beautiful. Also, you will enjoy living in a beautiful place yourself. It may be time to get the hardwood floors or even take them off. A remodel may be all you need and if you’re considering it, work on;

  • Exterior
  • Dining room
  • Living room 
  • Master bathroom
  • Interior 
  • Minor kitchen remodel

That said, you may also consider mortgage rates, so you don’t spend too much on home improvement projects. Therefore, make sure you consult with professionals (real estate appraisers, a real estate agent, etc.) to determine the market value before you commence.


According to a 2018 report by the national association of realtors, a median property per square foot goes for $130. That shows that bigger spaces have more property value – considering that price per square footage differs per size. 

Look around, can you knock off the kitchen walls or find a way around home upgrades? Remember, home improvements tend to cost more. However, it’s almost better than the resale value.


You don’t need to be a tech guru to consider this. Potential buyers are getting more interested in investing their money in a smart home. A recent research shows that a prospective buyer will prefer to have pre-installed tech products. The interesting part is, there are several deals online that will work perfectly for your house.


Another way to increase house worth is by being energy efficient. Besides the fact that it has a huge impact on the overall asking price, a 2019 value report encourages the promotion of energy efficiency. So, get the solar panels, water heater, fire detectors, and other efficient appliances.

Wrapping it up

You probably realize now that you’d spend a lot to achieve your aim. It is best to consider paying cash rather than using credit cards, so you don’t spend beyond your budget. Also, homeowners can avoid borrowing from partners. It is safer to tweak your upgrade ideas instead. When it’s finally time to sell, be sure your information on home equity is correct as well as the overall worth of your home.