Pergolas for Every Style: Choosing the Right Design

Are you looking to turn your outdoor space into your little heaven, or even add a little shade to your yard without getting rid of the beautiful elements you already like? If you are, then you might want to consider getting a pergola. This open-air patio cover has tons of benefits, from increasing your socializing space to brightening up your outdoor décor. Best of all, they come in various designs and materials to fit any style.

A pergola allows you to enjoy the weather without worrying about too much sun or rain. Regardless of your design taste, pergolas have a way of making everything work. From classic lines to modern designs or something with rustic charm, a pergola will enhance your space any day. This blog dives deep into the most popular pergola designs and their advantages. With this, you can make an informed decision on which pergolas suit your needs and wants.

Wooden Pergolas: Classic and Natural

Wooden pergolas are the classic choice for a long-lasting, natural feel. Whether you paint or stain your pergola is up to you, but remember that the natural look of wood can add a rustic charm to any outdoor area. 

Plus, when treated properly and cared for regularly, wooden pergolas can last for years. Wooden pergolas can have multiple variations of design. For example, with large posts and horizontal beams, a traditional rectangular design creates an unobstructed view for maximum sun exposure.

If you’d like more shade coverage with the same classic look and feel, lattice panels across your pergola will help diffuse sunlight and create additional coverage from rain and other elements.

Aluminum Pergolas: Durable and Low-Maintenance

Pergolas made of aluminum are durable and can withstand weathering and corrosion before needing repair or replacement. 

Compared to other pergolas, like those made of wood, aluminum pergolas are less demanding for maintenance. They only need a wash every now and again with mild soap. On top of that, aluminum pergolas are incredibly customizable in terms of design. 

With aluminum being one of the easiest metals to work with, you can customize different shapes, sizes, and color options to complement your home’s style. This means you can play with everything from color to texture.

Vinyl Pergolas: Budget-Friendly and Colorful

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then vinyl pergolas are worth considering. These pergolas are affordable and durable, making them a great choice for areas with bad weather. Vinyl can also come in various colors and styles to suit your aesthetic tastes.

With vinyl pergolas, you aren’t limited in design options. You can find them with slatted roofs to help filter the sunlight or solid roofs that provide more shade and will last longer without needing maintenance. 

The posts can be designed in a traditional square or more ornamental round to provide a unique look. And, if you’re looking for something extra special, some custom-built designs will make your vinyl pergola stand out from the crowd!

Steel Pergolas: Strong and Customizable

Steel is a go-to for anyone with a more than flexible budget. While they are more expensive, they are stronger and more durable compared to wood or aluminum pergolas. 

These factors alone make steel pergolas the best option for any outdoor living space. Pergolas made of steel can be customized to fit any style, everything from simple elegant to modern rustic. You can even customize the color and finish of your steel pergola to match your existing outdoor décor.

These pergolas are strong, low-maintenance, and durable enough to provide lasting protection from the elements. Steel is corrosion-resistant and can withstand most climates easily, making it an ideal material for a long-term structure that will withstand the weather year after year.

When it comes to installation, steel pergolas require minimal effort – they can be bolted or mounted on concrete footers in no time. Plus, they are easily repaired if they experience any damage over time.At MG Construction & Decks, we always look forward to fulfilling people’s backyard dreams. Contact us today for more information!