9 Reasons Why Every Home in LA Should Have a Deck

Homes in Los Angeles are simply not complete without a deck! This is largely due to the beautiful warm weather of southern California throughout the year. They also raise home value.

With plenty of deck specialist contractors like us ready to provide you with high-quality installation services, it is easier than ever to make the call and install. Curious about the top reasons to have a deck in LA? We have all of them right here for you – Keep reading to find out more!

1. More Living Space

In many ways, a deck is a room without walls. It creates more living space by beautifying the area. You increase the space for activity without actually building a new room. With the weather of southern California, this might just be the “room” where you spend the most time. Decks can be designed to fit your specific lifestyle. This can be a private lounge area used for intimate dinners, or an open layout for family celebrations.

2. More Appeal

In the event you decide to pull up stakes and leave your current residence, you do so with increased home value. In terms of remodeling projects, deck installation is the easiest one to do while increasing resale value. Your home will have more curb appeal, which benefits you in the long run.

3. More Options

These days you can find any option for any budget. There is a variety and quality range for deck building that allows for flexibility. This flexibility can match any budget. With our experts at MG Construction and Decks, you can find the right deck option for your budget.

4. Creative Opportunity

Decks are commonly made from wood or composite material. Both are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and maintenance levels. This give you an opportunity to get creative and create a unique deck look to match your home aesthetic. Hardwood decks could be an aged redwood or a Douglas fir, painted and stained to your liking. Composite decking is a sustainable solution that is environmentally friendly. The composite material also comes in a range of textures and colors.

5. More Inviting 

Decks are often accompanied by lounge furniture, bench seating, and other comfy furniture. This creates a warm, inviting space to spend time. With the right deck, you will be the first choice for family and friends looking to gather and spend time together. Looking for a sunny spot to read a book alone? A deck works for that too!

6. More Privacy

Depending on the construction and design, a deck can bring more privacy to the home. With fencing, railing, or even a trellis laced with plants, you can create a hideaway. This defines the space as “yours” and creates a haven within the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

7. More Possibilities

A deck opens up possibilities to pursue outdoor interests from your backyard or rooftop. Have you always wanted a garden? A patio presents the chance to test out your “green thumb” and create a space for that. Do you need an outdoor grilling space? Decks are perfect for that! A deck consultant can help paint the picture of possibilities on your property.

8. More or Less Space

In the urban center of Los Angeles, it may seem like a deck cannot fit. Decks do not have to be oversized and sprawling! In fact, there are few spaces that are too small or too big for deck installation. If anything, it is simply taking what exists and shaping into the useful space you need. If you have a smaller space, the right deck design can make it feel more open and inviting. If you do have a larger space, the deck creates intimate seating options to really make the outdoors feel like home.

9. More Time Outside

Perhaps the most obvious reason to add a deck to your home is the weather of Los Angeles! Spending time outdoors year-round is one of the top reasons people choose southern California. Why not take advantage of this perk by transforming your outdoor space? An outdoor deck brings your home outside. It can be both an extension of the home you have created and an oasis within the city.

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