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At MG Construction and Decks, we love to transform the look of homes with a brand new outdoor deck. We strive to build the deck that will host plenty of future friends and family gatherings, and offer more room for your children to play and make memories. 

We know that our clients have families, pets, children, and loved ones, and are entrusting us with your safety and happiness. We have been delivering quality service for over ten years, and will continue to commit to our customer’s complete satisfaction on your deck project.

At MG Construction and Deck, our products promote durability, longevity, and sustainability. That’s why we offer Ipé Decking. Ipé is a gorgeous exotic wood that checks off all the boxes: it’s beautiful, long-lasting, durable, and safe.

At MG Construction, we only offer the best of the best, and feel confident that Ipé is a choice that you will love for years to come.

What is Ipé Decking?

Ipe (which is pronounced EE-pay), is the most luxurious, highest quality decking wood available on the market. This exotic hardwood is from the Tabebuia Tree, in Central and South America. It naturally resists decay and rot. Its 8x more durable than California Redwood. 

Ipé wood is so durable, it’s guaranteed for 20 years with no preservatives, but can last up to 75 years. It’s known for lasting up to 40 years in most outdoor settings, which is about six times as long as most treated wood. 

What Does it Look Like? 

Since it is a natural wood, the color is technically not customizable, but that doesn’t stop it from having variety. This gorgeous wood naturally varies from shades of rich amber, brown, and red hues, similar to a mahogany. This luxurious wood has the class and elegance of a choice interior wood, which can be difficult to recreate for an outdoor environment. 

Many outdoor decking materials run the risk of looking cheap or obviously synthetic, or deteriorating over time. With Ipé, the only risk you run is becoming the envy of all of your friends with your beautiful new deck! 

Benefits of Ipé Decking

There are so many benefits to Ipé decking- there are almost too many to list! Basically:

  • It looks good
  • It feels good
  • It ages well
  • It is safe
  • It is low maintenance 

It’s Durable and Safe 

Ipé wood is incredibly dense and sturdy. It’s 3x denser than cedar. It is so dense that it doesn’t float in water! It even has the same fire rating as steel and concrete. This makes Ipé wood incredibly safe and resistant to fire, which is great for an arid climate.  

Ipé is actually the world’s densest wood. It’s sometimes even referred to as “iron wood”! This makes it last for decades. 

It is naturally resistant to insects, fire, and mildew. Because it’s so dense, it also responds less to fluctuating temperatures. This means that it will contract and expand less in hot or cold weather. This surface look more flush and uniform. 

Because it retains less heat and responds less to temperature changes, this is a cooler wood, which is great for the summer months.  

It’s Easy to Take Care Of 

Because of its density, this wood is very low maintenance. It doesn’t need strong chemicals or preservatives after installation. It doesn’t need sealing or harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Applying oil will help the wood block UV rays, repel moisture, and maintain its deep red-brown color. Otherwise, it only needs occasional mopping and spot-cleaning stains.  

It’s Eco-Friendly 

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, this particular wood is eco-friendly and sustainable. To reduce on deforestation, Ipé wood can be sustainably harvested. For example, instead of cutting down thriving Ipé trees, fallen or dead trees can be harvested, as well as trees that don’t make any more seeds.  

It Looks Beautiful

The most obvious benefit is just how good it looks. Ipé wood has the ability to finish smooth and flush, with a shine of glass. The natural waves of the grain are straight and fine, giving the wood an innate luster that just can’t be imitated.  

Why MG Construction & Decks?

We at MG Construction understand that you’re doing more than renovating your property: you’re adding a beautiful new addition to your home. 

As a result, we understand that every little detail counts. These are the details that you’ll remember when your family and friends are enjoying your beautiful deck. 

Our team is committed to creating your dream and turning it into a reality in the most convenient way possible. We vow to tirelessly work with you every step of the way.

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