How to Plan Your Backyard Remodeling?

Backyard remodeling is a great way of beautifying your property and enhancing its overall value. However, it is important to plan the renovation of your backyard properly. A good plan will help you use your backyard space efficiently and achieve the best aesthetic results. It will also help you combine the aesthetic with the practical in your outdoor space. Here are some key factors you should consider when planning backyard remodeling.

Know Your Backyard Space

The first thing to consider is to understand your backyard space. How large is the space? What direction does it lay with regard to the sun? Is the soil suitable for plants? How is the weather like in the region? These are all critical considerations when you are planning a backyard redo. The better you understand your yard, the more effectively you can plan and design it.

Consider Your Practical Requirements

Who will be using your backyard? What type of people are likely to visit it or use it and how often? Is it going to be a family-centric place or a guest-centric space? Do you have kids and if so, do you want to plan the backyard with their needs in mind? You must understand your practical needs when designing and planning the backyard. By incorporating these needs into your backyard remodeling, you make sure that the backyard adds genuine value to your home.

List the Elements You Need

The next step after charting practical needs is to shortlist the elements you need. The list of backyard remodel elements that can be used is virtually endless. It includes outdoor kitchens, patio covers, fences, paint jobs, pools and water features, pergolas, irrigations systems, decks and so much more. The only way you can choose the right elements for your yard is by ticking the ones that serve your practical needs.

Choose a Theme

Once you know what you want, it is time to decide how you want to go about it. For instance, if you want an outdoor kitchen, a deck and a pool, you have to choose the theme for each. Generally, it is a good idea to have an overarching theme, even if the individual backyard elements may look distinct and separate.

Backyard remodeling is a significant investment. This is why you want to do it right the first time. The steps listed above help you go about the process in a structured and logical manner. The key is to combine form with function and practical with the aesthetic.

If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your property, your planning should take into account ROI variables. Materials, size, access, and the “wow factor” all contribute to a prospective buyer’s perception of the value added by a deck to the property. It’s worth becoming familiar with deck construction in the comparable properties in your area so you can position yours where you want to be value-wise. Another value relationship to consider is that between your deck budget and the overall value of the property. It doesn’t make ROI dollars and sense to build something too grand for the size and likely resale price of the home. One rule of thumb used by contractors and architects is that a deck should be no larger than the home’s biggest interior space. 

Keep in mind, too, that adding value to your home gets the attention of the assessor and the underwriter, so your property taxes and insurance premiums are like to be increased. Like anything else built by human beings, a deck will inevitably require some maintenance and/or repair as time goes by. Good choices of materials, with expert design and construction, are the ticket to keeping those costs down and your enjoyment and ROI up.