Deck Building Done Right

Deck Building Done Right

Sherman Oaks, California, is home to some of the most picturesque views and breathtaking sunsets. Lucky for you, Sherman Oaks, California, also has an amazing terrain, which lends itself to a large variety of decks to enjoy these sights – everything from BBQs with family & friends to large-scale party events.

Whether outside by yourself or hosting a gathering, adding a deck to your home can make all the difference. But while there are various options for decks out there, if you’re looking for something special, you will want to consult MGC Decks in Sherman Oaks, California.

We are well-known for our customization and workmanship. With different types of designs tailored specifically to each homeowner’s needs, coupled with timely completion dates, we are able to obtain the highest degrees of customer satisfaction.

Our expert team is always ready to advise you on what will make the perfect addition to your home. If it has been a while since you’ve sat down and thought about what would be the perfect deck or patio, give us a call today! Our experts are well trained in turning those daydreams into reality.

Full-Service Deck Building, Plus Much More

Deck building is only one of the many services we provide to our clients in Sherman Oaks, California. And unlike other deck building companies, our expertise spans multiple areas, including:

Decks Maintenance: No deck will last for years if it’s not properly maintained. Professional deck maintenance is available thanks to our skilled staff and affordable pricing.

3D Design Tools: Wouldn’t it be great if you could visualize your dream deck before even starting work on it? Why wait until it’s built when we offer 3D design plans so that you know exactly how everything will look?

Custom Fences: Along with being a great provider of decks, we also develop fences customized according to the unique needs of your property.

Remodeling backyards: Remodeling yards at home without any hassle saves you both time and money.

Resurfacing Pool Decking: After some time, the surface of your pool deck will wear down and might need to be replaced. Have you thought about resurfacing it? This is a cost-effective way to extend the life of an old pool deck without having to rip it out completely.

Permits and Inspections Services: We cover all building approvals and permits for our decks and do professional inspections on them to ensure they are safe and stable.

Customized Deck Construction: Our core service is constructing a deck based on what you want – we expertly customize your deck to suit your needs, as we know that every backyard is different.

A Company Worth Choosing

MGC Decks has decades of experience and over 1,000 completed projects. Furthermore, we have worked in many different areas of Southern California. But Sherman Oaks, California, is one city where we enjoy working because it offers a rustic yet charming vibe that gives us a sense of home. 

We’re not only expert deck builders but also obtain permits and building approvals, while providing professional consulting – anything you might need from beginning to end if you want an outdoor space of your own. And since we’re experts at what we do here at MGC Decks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t call on us immediately if you’re looking for a high-quality deck builder and contractor who knows how to make your vision come true.

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