Orange County Deck Services

Orange County Deck Services

The scenic Orange County sits along the Pacific Coast in California. It is one of the most populous counties in California and across the U.S. With the coastal belt of the Pacific Ocean to its west and the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County is home to scenic views and locations which are coveted for their beauty and livability.

The Perfect Setting for Your Deck

Most of the county’s population is within two coastal valleys. From mountains to stunning beaches and lofty peaks to long ridges, Orange County offers plenty of outdoor views to enjoy. The Saddleback Ridge, which comprises two of the highest peaks in the county, is visible from virtually anywhere in the region. This means that you can step onto your deck at any time and get a beautiful view of the scenic features right from the comfort of your home.

Saddleback Ridge
Santa Ana Mountains
Pacific Ocean

Orange County Deck Builders

Here at MGCDecks, we offer an extensive range of deck building, designing, remodeling, and maintenance services. The prominent features of our deck services include:

Other reasons to hire our deck builders:

Custom Design: We custom design every single deck that we build. In doing so, we identify your exact requirements, understand your property’s terrain and aesthetics, and consider other unique factors of your project. Then we design a solution that caters to all your needs. The design is tentative and evolves based on your feedback until you are 100% satisfied.

Versatility: Our Orange County deck builders work with a wide range of deck building materials, from hardwood to composite boards and PVC decking. We also help you choose a material that is just right for your dream deck.

Seamless Process: When working on a deck, we strive to ensure that you face zero hassle. This means we take care of everything, from any initial demolition all the way to the final cleanup.

Quality: With us, you are guaranteed impeccable quality of installation and long-term durability on the work done.  

Not all deck builders are created equal. When it comes to our Orange County deck builders, we can proudly claim that our custom design process and commitment to quality puts us ahead of our competition. If you want deck-building expertise without the hassle in Orange County, MGCDecks is your best choice.

Codes & Permits

When undertaking deck building on your property, it is vital that you understand the relevant local building codes that apply to the project. You may also be required to seek an official permit before you can start construction.

The Orange County authorities require you to get a building permit when making any residential improvements. This applies when you plan on adding a patio or deck to your property. Without first obtaining a permit, the entire deck-building process can be put into jeopardy.

Here at MGCDecks, our deck builders will seek out the required permits and meet other building codes when undertaking deck construction in Orange County. We make sure that your project meets all the relevant regulations and legal requirements from start to finish. At the same time, we take the hassle out of the process by providing you handy guidance on all aspects of deck building.

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