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Ranked as one of the Best Cities to live in the United States, Manhattan Beach is known for its laid back beach culture, fine dining options, moderate climate, and quality living. Being a South Bay community with a 2.1-mile beach, you can find plenty of ocean views and recreational opportunities.

The Beach & Local Activities

Surfing and beach volleyball are popular activities attracting a large number of people to the city. Manhattan Beach is also home to a series of sites and attractions to explore, such as Manhattan Beach Pier, The Strand, the Sand Dune Park, and the breathtaking Manhattan Beach.

MGC Construction & Decks offers a full range of deck services in Manhattan Beach, giving you plenty of options when it comes to constructing the deck of your dreams.

Manhattan Beach
Sand Dune Park
The Strand

Manhattan Beach Deck Builders

When thinking about your dream deck, design is the most important stage. You can have a deck designed to meet your specific requirements and preferences. We help you turn your design ideas into a reality while complying with the local regulations and legal requirements.

During the actual phase of deck construction, the choice of the right materials is also critical. We work with you to choose between hardwood, composite decking, PVC decking, and other options. At the end of the day, our experts help you make a choice that goes well with your budget, intended deck usage, and other specifications.

Decks can deteriorate over time and may require minor or major repairs. The important thing during deck repairs is to ensure consistency between the existing deck and the repaired portions. Our Manhattan Beach deck builders are able to achieve this by paying keen attention to details.

Codes & Permits

As one of the leading deck builders in the area, we offer deck services that cover the entire process, from design all the way to construction. But if you intend to add a new deck to your Manhattan Beach home or commercial property, it is important to choose the right builder. The right builder should ideally offer you:

Permits and Plans Support. Manhattan Beach city authorities require you to obtain a permit before building or modifying a deck. A good builder will guide and help you with the process of obtaining permits and planning the project.

Upfront Cost Estimates. These should include estimates for both material and labor costs. Upfront quotes give you a ballpark estimate of the expected costs.

Portfolio. You can see what a builder has to offer by looking at the previous projects of that builder. Portfolio projects also allow you to understand whether a builder is right for you.

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