Lake Balboa Deck Services

Lake Balboa Deck Services

Lake Balboa is a Los Angeles neighborhood that is home to endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. It is marked by several parks and recreational facilities. The community has a very diverse and vibrant culture with plenty of dining options and entertainment venues. It is an easy commute from Lake Balboa to other parts of Los Angeles, thanks to Highways 405 and 101, which are located close by.

The Park & Neighborhood Activities

The chief attraction in Lake Balboa is the expansive Lake Balboa Park. This 80-acre facility is home to the Sepulveda Basic Recreation Area, which is also home to the 27-acre lake. Other recreation opportunities at the facility include fly fishing spots, bike trails, jogging paths, boating, picnic spots, and more.

In addition to this vast park, the Lake Balboa neighborhood features the scenic and contemporary Japanese Garden, an Apollo 3 Flight Field in Woodley Park, and the Orange Line Bikeway. Thanks to such a large number of recreational facilities, you get to enjoy endless opportunities for outdoor fun. The sunny weather of South California also allows you to enjoy quality outdoor time from your deck in Lake Balboa. However, it is important to consult a reputable deck builder when you decide to undertake a project such as this. With the right experts by your side, you will be able to quickly get through the process of securing building permits and maintaining compliance.

Lake Balboa Park
Japanese Garden
Sepulveda Basin

Lake Balboa Deck Builders

Here at MGCDecks, we take care of deck building from the very start to finish. This means we handle permit applications for Lake Balboa homeowners before they have the deck built. Once the permits are in place, we work to ensure that all the building codes are followed throughout the building process. This gives you complete peace of mind that your new deck is 100% in compliance with the local government requirements.

Other reasons to hire our deck builders:

Tailored and customized design. Every deck we construct is custom-designed. This is done in consideration of the circumstances of your property.

Creative solutions. We strive to offer creative deck solutions that cater exactly to your practical and aesthetic requirements.

Full service. Unlike many other Lake Balboa deck builders, we handle everything from demolition all the way to the final clean-up. This means you have minimum hassle when constructing a deck on your property.

To receive a free estimate or to consult one of our experienced deck building experts about your new deck project in Lake Balboa, give us a call today.

Codes & Permits

Being a part of the City of Los Angeles, any decks constructed in Lake Balboa must meet specific guidelines laid out in the city’s building code requirements. This includes compliance with allowable deck projections when constructing a deck in the front, side, or rear yard. You are also likely to need a permit for constructing a deck.

Compliance with building codes and permit requirements is tricky. This is where a professional Lake Balboa deck builder can be of immense help. The right experts will help you file the permit applications, point you in the right direction, and ensure that the whole process is finished quickly so that you can focus on having the deck constructed.

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