Create a Functional Outdoor Space With MGCDecks

Create a Functional Outdoor Space With MGCDecks

Living in Encino, California, means never being short on beauty. There are few spots around this country where people can find views like this! What makes living here even more attractive is being able to hang out on a deck – and invite your friends over for a barbecue or just some quality time outdoors together, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

MGC Decks has been around for years, operating in Southern California. The beautiful area offers many challenges and opportunities when it comes to deck building. As our company specializes in custom deck design, if there’s anything specific on your mind, no matter how ambitious, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Our architects have decades of experience, and have worked extensively in Encino, California. Why would you settle for less when you already have access to professionals who are second to none? Let’s build you a deck that won’t waver under pressure and will give you the ultimate backyard, one that will suit your home like no other – because it was specifically designed with your home in mind.

Providing More Than Just Deck Building Services

MGC Decks has been one of the most trusted names in deck construction since our founding. But while many are aware we’ve grown over the years, few know that these days, we offer much more than just construction and resurfacing services for decks.

We specialize in all aspects of working with residential and commercial properties that want to create a functional outdoor space – whether by constructing or custom designing your ideal outdoor living space or even remodeling your backyard if you plan on building a new deck.

But while there are plenty of contractors out there who focus solely on installation, repair, or renovation projects – at MGC Decks, we have highly trained professionals who work across various departments and disciplines within our organization.

From inspection and permitting for decks to pool deck resurfacing (which can suffer from damages) to basic housekeeping tasks (like brushing off debris), when it comes to creating sustainable spaces outside – we’ve got you covered!

A Professional Deck Construction Company

We’ve been doing business in Encino, California, for a long time, so we know what you want and need. With over 1,000 completed projects in the area, we’ve seen it all. As such, we’re able to create custom decks that satisfy every single one of your desires. 

For everything from installation to upkeep – count on us. All the necessary paperwork comes included when you hire us, too- giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process. It’s about time you had your professional deck installed! Reach out to MGC Decks today to learn more about how we can make your dream become a reality today!

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